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History of Ireland

Pagan times; Famine; Brian Boru; Wild Geese; From the Hedgerow History Series.

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Detailed Irish Maps

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Song & Recitation

Here are the final 10 selection:

  1. 1.A Nation Once Again  (Adams)

  2. 2. Óró Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile (Maria)

  3. 3. Over the Mountain (Mick)

  4. 4. Leaving of Limerick (Peneleapaí)

  5. 5. Micheál Mór (Michael Collier)

  6. 6.Sadhbh Ní Bhruinneallaigh (Mick)

  7. 7.Danny Boy (Peter Reilly Adams)

  8. 8. Ar Bhruacha Na Laoi (Renata)

  9. 9. A Soldiers Song (Peter)

  10. 10. Commentaries ( Dance, Sessions)

Above are the final selections for 2011.

Peneleapaí had to phone it in from Co. Clare, Ireland.  M. Collier provides the recitation and commentary on Dance History in Ireland and America...

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1) The Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival, Coffman Park, August, 2013  (Its our 15th year there)

2) The Louisville, KY Irish Fest, Sept, 28-29 at Bellermine Univ.,our Genealogy exhibit and consultation, and our Sean Nós singing on the side perhaps !

We can appear at your fest or special event - let us know!  We have Room for one  more!

The Irish Roots Cafe floating house band was ranked tops in the U.S. for Celtic bands on Reverbnation in 2012.  Many thanks!  We sing old style in Irish, and traditional Irish songs in English..

  1. 3)The Irish Roots Cafe house band does Lawrence (again!)

at the Granada Theater in Lawrence, KS, Sept 15

   One of a Kind Lessons from the Irish Hedge Row

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