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A simple swab of your cheek and you have captured your DNA. This is the newest development in Irish Genealogy. Get on board by having your DNA tested. Find out who you are related to, or if you are related to those with the same surname as you. Your DNA might trace you back to your very own townland and ancestor in Ireland.

Our members and supporters have started the "Irish Families" DNA Project. It is operated by our friends at Use the search box below. Type in your surname to find out more or to join the 'Irish Families' DNA project. They should be able to answer your DNA questions in depth as well.

(note: this is a public service announcement - FamilyTreeDNA is solely responsible for the related DNA services.)

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DNA Research works even when you don’t !

It is Simple.

It is Quick

Drop your swab in the mail and in a few weeks your results come back to you !

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