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                The First Irish Podcast

  The worlds first Irish Genealogy podcast ever !  We cut our teeth on this one folks.  I slowly learned how to record a show and pick a microphone for the job.  Begun in 2005, we now have over 270 broadcasts in all.

                         What it is

  We cover Irish names; books; history; Genealogy;    and curious news and notes from Ireland.  We also use this podcast to tie all of our activities together.  If you are looking for a place to start - this is it !

                   Photo Enhanced

  This podcast is available in two formats.  First, as a regular audio show.  Secondly, in a photo-enhanced version.  The enhanced version includes pictures  & links in the photo that you can click on.  You need iTunes or Quick time for the enhanced show to work.


  We interview family researchers; DNA experts; authors, genealogy gurus, and those active in Irish events.  Feel free to call and leave a message if you would like to be interviewed. (816) 256-3360.  You can also leave your message for broadcast at that number.

  Drop me an email if you have a mind too.

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                                How  it  Began

  The Irish Roots Cafe was up an running when I discovered some free software on my Mac computer.  In five minutes I had recorded my voice, and I was off and learning how to record a show.

  I had spent 30 years authoring new Irish books.  Few are lucky enough to have such as a full time job.  Every now and then I also published old forgotten works on Ireland.  My own 3,000 volume Irish library is very helpful in the process .


                             Podcast Launch !

  Having traced my family lines back to Ireland ( and one grandparent to the Black Forest in Germany), I began my writing career in genealogy.  Writing books on every county in Ireland, and publishing classic Irish histories was a great start.

  Now it was time to try broadcasting, reaching more folks than ever.  So, the show was launched with the theme of Irish genealogy, culture and heritage.

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The Irish Family

Tartan ‘Myth’

Thirty Years of Research shows there were no ‘Tartans’ applied to specific Irish Families.

(Tartans and Kilts are not the same thing ! )

Clan Tartans were a Scots tradition.

- Mike O’Laughlin

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Irish Family History with Books, Blogs & Podcasts !

Hedge School Resources

√ Birth Index of Ireland
 Our Original  Birth index gives the main spelling and county of location for Surnames in Ireland in the 1800s.  Map the surnames you are looking for.  The county is the key to Irish research.
 Find out if your name is in it and in what counties - or why it not !

√ 1659 Irish Census

Our handy 17th century surname census shows the spelling of the name and the Irish County of location in the 1600’s.

Names are often spelled differently in the 1600’s.

How about yours ?

Is it in the same location as in the birth index ?

√ Beginners Guide

One of my first books.  This is for the beginner who knows nothing- yet !

  The ten first steps in Irish Genealogy.  No experience required.  Tips on the famine; Scots-Irish; Common Names, the Web.

Companion CD available.

√ Book of  Irish Families

  Traditional family name histories and locations in Ireland with coats of arms. Plus the entire index to the Irish Families Project.

  The most often used resource by researchers.  A great starting point for all !

√ Irish Genealogy CD

We start with my top 10 tips for family research! The first of our genealogy series, this CD compliments and expands the info in our beginners guide.  Includes tips and updates, real life stories.  

√ Irish Video Shorts

Several of these Video Shorts focus on Irish Genealogy, and are helpful for beginners including descriptions of books, spelling of names.....

My Irish Genealogy  Notes on CD

Irish Roots Cafe Genealogy Podcasts

100 Free episodes plus

100 Member shows !

In Progress

Our Tent at Dublin, Ohio Fest 14 years running !

Favorite Irish Song for genealogists, I sing it here and ....

.You’ll hear me singin’ this one at workshops and on our CD !  -Mike

Irish Book of Arms

  The great collection of arms from before and after the Irish Free State. In color and b&w.  I have added notes on the family history of each name or  as available.

Tip #1: Spellings:

Brothers spelled

their own family

name differently...

Tip #2: Dates

Date of birth can differ

by several years for the same individual !

Tip #3: First step ?

Find the county in Ireland they came from Search U.S. records 1st

Tip #4:  Records ?

Birth, Death, Marriage, and obituary columns -First places to search!

Tip #5:  Co. Cork.

Cork could be where ship left from , but not where they lived.

Tip #6:  Placenames

Queenstown and Cobh are the very same place.


Hedge school consultation is available to you via phone or on Skype.

We will share what we have learned over the last 30 years, on the topic of your choice. ( i.e. history; genealogy; publishing; heraldry; Song and so on.)

min. 1 - 30 minutes $30

up to one hour        $60

payable via Paypal online.

The worlds first series for Irish family history and genealogy.  Books, searches, history and more of whats happening here.

1) Name(s) Being Researched

2) Member Name

3) Notes (if any)

McNeill Boyd

Catherine McKay

I am researching Francis McNeill born abt 1780 in Layd parish, Antrim, Ireland.  He married Rosetta Boyd born abt 1785.  They emigrated to Richmond, Lennox & Addington, Ontario, Canada in 1817. Known children were Sarah, Laughlin, and Mary Ann


Christine King

My grfather Martin F. King b. Dec 1874 in Clifden to Thomas King and Mary Heffernan.



Where to get info on Kilcatherine Parish, County Cork.

Dillon Ronan

Peter Dillon

I've been researching the Dillon and Ronan families.  Mine came to the U.S. by way of Argentina, and there is a fascinating history of how the Irish came to Argentina in the 1840s.  My quest now is to trace the families back in Westmeath and Offaly

Bradley, Young


My family is from Kings County and Queens County, but I have no more information.


Johnie Jackson

Ancestor of Anthony Jackson, early Quaker. Helped to establish first Meeting in Lurgan in 1654

Ross Higgins


Have researched family in southwest Missouri for a number of years. Seeking to learn more about the culture of both my own and my husband's Irish families. Our connections include surnames of Howard,Ross and Higgins. We reside in the KC metro area and are looking forward to learning and participating more in regard to various Irish events.


Allen Lyons

Family of James Lyons prior to 1852, I think they lived in Co. Tyrone, Ireland

Lightbody Mc Nutt Branigan

Rob Fulton

Looking for mother of Hugh Lightbody or wife of William Lightbody in Bangor, N. Ireland. 1870-80. Hugh born in Bangor in 1881, his older brother also Wm. b. Pittsburgh in 1875. Also McNutt(s) in Co. Donegal and Branigan(s) in Co. Louth.

Marie Golden Kerr

My grandparents were from Rathlacken in Mayo. I would like to find relatives there and in Sligo.

Campbell, McKenna, Black, O Neil, Dale, McAllister, Brannigan


I have many families that lived in Scotland but according to their birth cert or census records they originated or at the very least lived in Ireland (mainly Ulster, Co Antrium, Co Armagh) - the family names are Campbell, McKenna, Black, O'Neil, Dale, McAllister, Brannigan etc



Johnson from Doneraille, Michelstown, Flemmingstown area. ggrandfather Harry Alcock Johnson and a place called Dromleigh Lodge



Searching for my gr,gr,gr grandfather Timothy Heffernan. Appears once on the US census 1860 with sons James b.1824, William b.1828, Thomas b.1822 and Patrick b.1842 along with his wife Ann. Son John b.1812 (per his tombstone in Texas) and Patrick b.1818 were not on the 1860 census. Obviously, Timothy b. 1780-1790s and Ann b. 1790 - 1800 were not using their true given names. I am in the Heffernan DNA project and I am trying to trace back to Ireland. The sons of Timothy all seem to have come to Texas. Timothy possibly is related (maybe brothers) to John and James Heffernan b. 1780-1790 and John Ryan (their cousin,also same birth range) who came to Beeville, Texas in 1829. All three plus John's wife and children, were killed by the Mexican army. They received land grants in exchange for signing up to fight the Texas-Mexican war. They all died in 1836. But the flow of Heffernans in Texas did not stop. Thank you for any help you can give. John Scott Heffernan

Maher Magher


Magher (Maher) family from Wexford.

Connelly Fleming


I am researching Connelly and Fleming family from Northern Ireland.


Tom Jobst

I am looking for the family Green from Longford. My gr grfather Patrick Green

Long Mahoney

Dianne Sisley

I am researching the family of William Long father of Robert Long b. 1805, Birr, and the Mahoney family of Cork.

Rourke Fay


Looking for birth county in Ireland and parents for James Rourke who immigrated to New Orleans, Louisiana about 1848, married Mary Fay and was living in St. Louis, Missouri at the time of the 1870 census with four boys: Jerry (4), Edmund (2), Dennis (1), and Michael (10)

Lynam Lyman Killian


Lynam and Lyman and Killian from County Westmeath.


Rene Lacey

James Lacey b.1805 St. Marys County, MD., need to know if the Laceys of St. Marys County are Irish !

Yore O Kelly Higgins Mc Hugh


Mullen Keefe Clark O Neil Egan

E. GailConger

Searching surnames Mullen and Keefe in counties Cork and Waterford. Searching Clark and O'Neill in Tuam,Galway and Counties Clare & Donegal. Egan in America in early 1800s Chicago,ILL



looking for info on John Moriarty b. 1839 Killorglin, Co. Kerry...

Hartneff O Keefe


search for my gr grandparents Timothy Hartnett and Bridget O’Keefe

Dawson O’Hara

Judith Anne O’Hara

Looking for my Mothers ancestors, Dawsons and my husbands family O’Hara

Geoghegan Fisk


My great-great grandmother, Maria Geoghegan was born in Kings County, Ireland in 1842.  I would like to know who her family was. She married an English Soldier, William Fisk

Maguiness Smith Lannen

Michalene Hauser

Looking for parents of Margaret Maguiness b. 1789 in Armagh, who she married Lannen of Armagh/Louth, his parents. Mary, Catharin & Bridget Smith of Meath. Mary married Peter Lannen 1848 in MA, USA. He arrived via NYC 1847.Need the Irish links to these people.  Names are probably misspelled due to illiteracy issues. They were Roman Catholic & Bernard, Peter, Thomas and Owen are familiar names used over and over.


Mary Herbst

McKenny Coffey Guinan

Jennifer Franklin

researching McKenny, Coffey, and Guinan in Co.Offaly prior to 1850 plus several

Holleran Walsh Murphy

Patricia Rothermich

McKeown Brandon


Searching for McKeown's from Armagh County, Ireland. Lawrence McKeown born 1816. And the Brandon family born in Ballynant Townland near Kesh, in County Fermanagh, Ireland, John was the son of Christopher and Elizabeth Brandon. John and his brothers Crhistopher and William and his sister Margaret emigrated to Canada in 1823.

White Welsh

Patrica Lyons Lavorata

Surnames of White and Welsh, where orignate in Ireland? meaning and coat of arms.

Marshall McKinney, England, Driscoll

William Marshall

Looking for ancestors of Frances Marshall and Jane McKinney. Also James England and Mary Driscoll.



My gg grandfather, John Fenton was born in Passase West, Co. Cork in 1819-mariner-(Falmouth,

Casey Carroll


I did extensive research in my family tree and have yet to let anyone down in their search (& I am very hard on myself accepting facts). My paternal great grandfather Daniel Casey b. 1842 in Lackabane townland, Donoughmore County Cork married Margaret Carroll b 1859 NYC. Her brother John Carroll was one time Deputy Leader of Tammany Hall. Their parents were Patrick Carroll b. 1823 County Limerick & Mary Roche b. 1829 Doneraile, Cork. Would love more info on them. My grandfather George Casey was a NYC detective that married a Marjorie Hughes b. 1897 NYC. Her parents were Peter Hughes b. 1865 in Tellehan Parish, Leitrim Townland, County Monaghan, and came to NYC in 1890. His parents were John Hughes & Lizzie Mucklin...there are lots of Hughes in Leitrim, I probably still have kin there. Peter married my great grandmother Margaret Duffy b. 1864 Patrick Duffy & Mary Duffy...I believe also from Couny Cork, would love innfo on them. My materanl grandmother Mary Wrenn was born in NYC 1903 to David Wreen & Margaret Young, both from Rathekeale, County Limerick although they married in NYC. David's parents were David Wrenn & Mary Histon. Margaret's parents were George Young, a famous dance innstructor, and Katherine O'Brien. The only hole in my family tree I dream of getting info on is my materal grandfather, Patrick Kehoe. Records I find listed him as Irish although he was born in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland in a fishing community called St. Joseph's Cove that his father helped found. His parents were Thomas Kehoe (sometime interchanged throughout his life witht he spelling Keough) and Catherine Elizabeth Fogarty. I recieved a certificate of achivement from some Newfoundland geneaologist applauding my success in finding Thomas Kehoe's parents where they failed. His parents were James Kehoe b. 1832 & Mary Moxley b. 1830, both in Carbonear Newfoundland. They married in 1857 in St. Patrick's Parish there. I believe his parents were John Kehoe & Mary Power. My trail runs dry there. Most believe the patriarch of the Kehoe's in Newfoundland came from County Wexford. They say Newfoundland it the most irish place outside Ireland, many came there from Eire because the fare was less expensive. Catherine Elizabeth Fogarty's parents were Patrick Fogarty & Mary Kennedy, also from Bonne Bay & Carbonear.

Kenny Delany

Anne Kinney-Morstad

Looking for descendants of Thomas Kenny and Mary Delany.  My g-g-grandfather was their son David Kenny who emigrated to the US.  The Kennys are from the township of Doonamontane, in the parish of Ballyheigue in County Kerry.  From other family who have visited the area, I know that Bride Harrington was the niece of David Kenny.

Madden, O Donnell

Mary Kathleen Jenkins

Kansas City: Thomas Joseph O'Donnell (1847-1905), Bridget Madden, spouse, (1855-1903).  Thomas and Bridget were born in Ireland and Thomas came to KC and worked as a stone mason.



Family name Lester, in Co. Monaghan.



Cotter family of Rathcormac, Co. Cork

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