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The Rarest Work in our Library and Archives....

The  most treasured holding in our Irish Archives ! It is the complete original first edition of the Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters. It is so rare, in fact, that rare book dealers in Ireland did not know of its existence. We have not found anyone in the U.S. who is aware of this original edition. (The Annals were originally written in the Gaelic Language in the 17th century, under the direction of Brother Michael Clery, in Donegal. see authors room in the Irish Roots Cafe for more.)

This is the complete O’Donovan translation (first volume, first edition, published in 1848, with the last volume of this first edition, published in 1851). In the original large bindings. Printed and inscribed exclusively to Rev. William Reeves, who became president of the Royal Irish Academy.

Detailed description with illustrations here:

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Mike O’Laughlin

One of  a Kind items from the Irish Archives

The Four Masters, Original

Mike O’Laughlin has authored over 80 Books and CDs on Irish History, Song and Language since 1978.

Founder of, he recently attained the rank of #1 Celtic artist in the U.S. on Reverbnation, as singer of Irish and English language songs.