Getting Irish Citizenship

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                                To Get Irish Citizenship

If you have one grandparent that was born in Ireland, you need to fill out an ‘FBR’ form. This enables you to get a ‘Foreign Births Registry Certificate’, which will give you Irish Citizenship. I have a sample of this 2 page form below. It is a pretty straight forward process, but you cannot send it back via email. The best document to have is proof of your grandparents birth in Ireland (birth certificate).  These are sometimes available online, but you will need a date and place of birth to start.  Following is my rough guideline for items needed:

                                  Three Documents

  In all, you need 3 documents proving your grandparents citizenship.  (1) A civil birth certificate if after 1864, or a baptismal certificate if earlier. (2) A Civil marriage certificate if applicable. (3) Copy of current passport or identity document or death certificate.

That is where a little genealogical research may come in handy.  You can do the research yourself, or hire it done.  Irish Birth, Death and Marriage records can be obtained from the General Registrars Office.

                          Documents on your parent

  You will need to supply your parents birth, and marriage record, and death certificate if applicable.  You will also need proof of address, such as a utility bill, and passport if available. A drivers license can also serve as proof of identity.

                                    Your Children

In this case, only children born after you receive citizenship are automatically considered citizens of Ireland.

                                  Information and Forms

The Irish embassy in the United States is at 22344 Massachusetts Ave NW,  Washington, DC 20008. The telephone number is 202-462 3939. There are also consulates in Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

Irish Embassy

2234 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.

Washington D.C. 20008

Telephone: +1-202-462-3939

Fax: +1-202-232-5993

New York Consulate
Ireland House
345 Park Avenue - 17th Floor
New York, NY 10154-0037
Telephone: +1-212 319-2555
Fax: +1-202-980-9475/750-6487

Boston Consulate,
Chase Building,
535 Boylston Street,
Boston, MA 02116
Telephone: +1-627-267-9330

or +1-617-267-4470
Fax: +1-617-267-6375

Chicago Consulate,
400 North Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
Telephone: +1-312-337-1868
Fax: +1-312-337-1954

San Francisco
44 Montgomery St. #3830
San Francisco, CA 94104
Telephone: +1-415 392-4214
Fax: +1-415-392-0885



Why an Irish Passport ?

  An Irish passport, is in effect, a passport good for the entire E.U., (European Union). It makes travel to Europe and between European countries easier.

  It also allows you to work in the European Union countries.  If you are an Irish citizen, it is easy to get an Irish passport.

            Born in Ireland ?

  As an Irish Citizen, you are entitled to an Irish Passport.  Everyone born on the island of Ireland before January 1, 2005 is entitled to be an Irish Citizen.

         Not Born in Ireland

  Under the above law, a child born outside of Ireland, with one parent born in Ireland, is also a citizen.

  If your parent was a citizen, not born in Ireland, and gave birth to you outside of Ireland, you can still claim citizenship by filling out the FBR form.

       Grandpa was a Citizen ?

  If one of your grandparents was born in Ireland, you can become a citizen of Ireland.  You need to fill out the Foreign Births Registration form. (see left hand column above, and sample forms below).

Honorary Consul of Ireland

6186 Squires Lane

Reno, NV 89509

Telephone: +1 775 829 0221

Fax: +1 775 829 0221


Honorary Consul of Ireland
2511 NE 31st Court
Lighthouse Point
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33064
Telephone: +1 954 785 3427
Fax: +1 954 974 7524

Honorary Consul of Ireland
21st Floor
191 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30303
Telephone: +1 404 332 6401
Fax: +1 404 332 4299

Honorary Consul of Ireland,
65 Broadview
St. Louis, MO 63105
Telephone: +1 314 381 5112
Fax: +1 314 398 5189

Honorary Consul of Ireland
2711 Weslayan
Houston, TX 77027
Telephone: +1 713 961 5263
Fax: +1 970 925 7900

Consular Section
Department of Foreign Affairs
St. Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2
phone: (01) 408 2555

Form for those under 18 years of age:

Form for those over 18 years of age:

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