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Irish Song & Recitation Broadcast

Our Free podcasts below, it's not your daddys rock and roll !

Here also is Mikes first award winning Traditional Irish Song CD

Our First Hedge School Chat and Sing Sessions
Irish Song Podcast

From Sean Nos to Tin Pan Alley

Irish and English Language
Traditional Irish Song & Story

My annual Song festival is open to beginner and expert. We do appreciate your contribution. If you can’t make it to the café sessions - you can phone or Skype it in!

Each year we have different songs we focus on, but all categories are considered. Peter Adams gave us many a ballad in season 1. I have continued on with Sean Nos and more. The real story is you - the grass roots of Irish song, keep 'em coming. I also have a companion book for Season 1 & 2, with lyrics, music and history.

Come sing your song, recite or listen in. Our Facebook Song page: Click Here

Click Here for more on our Hedge School Irish Song Sessions

..and a big thank you to all of our members ! -Mike O'L


All Irish Song podcasts are Free! - Season 3
1. Season 3 - Irish Song and Recitation

2. Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaigh - Mayo Boatmans love

3. The Leaving of Limerick with Peneleapai

4. An raibh tu ar a gCarraig Will You Meet Me at the Rock

5. Skibereen, the Song, Famine and Immigration

6. Red is the Rose: Song and Interview

7. The Mad Puck Goat (An Poc Ar Buile)
8. Oro, Se do Bheatha 'Bhaile by Maria

9. Dilin O Deamhas by Harpin' Hank

10. A

11. Over The Mountain, Irish Code Words!

12. Mo Ghile Mear; Sessions in Ireland

13.Roisin Dubh; Loss of love, life, culture

14.In Old Ballymoe, Roscommon; Irish Song Cruise


Irish Song & Recitations - Seasons 1 & 2


1. Irish Song, Story and Recitation Festival

2. Dear Little Shamrock History & Song

3. Danny Boy, The Blind O'Cahan Harper, History & Song

4. Kerry Dancing, Pub Recitations, Beaufort

5. Slievenamon History and Song Co. Tipperary

6. When Irish Eyes are Smiling Song & History

7. Endearing Young Charms by Thomas Moore

8. Connie Dover Siuila Run Song (Walk My Love)

9. An Spailpin Fanach & Rattlesnake Fritters

10. Where the River Shannon Flows: Protest
11. Macushla Michael Collins Frank Patterson

12. That's an Irish Lullaby, Sing & Chat

13. A Nation Once Again; A Soldiers Song; Irish Anthems

14. Una Bhan; MacDermott, Costello, Fair Una

15. We are the music makers - Season 2

16. Spailpin Fanach, Irish, English, American

17. Molly Malone, O'Carolan, O'Keane Lament

18. West Clare Recitation by Michael Collier

19. Irish Dance in America, History

20. Sean Nos, Irish Dancing, Set Music

21. Irish Uilleann Pipes, Pubs, Ethnomusicology
Listen to all six Free Shows.

(1) Irish Family History
(2) Irish Song & Recitation
(3) Irish in America
(4) Irish Video Shorts
(5) Hedge School History of Ireland
(6) Irish Language - Hello Fada

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