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Irish Video Shorts

Our Hedge School Videos: Genealogy; History; Song; Language; Coats-of-Arms

Video Shorts

Coats of Arms; Tartans; Books; Names
Old style 'sean nós' and traditional Irish Song

Our first 15 videos were created with the help of my nephew, Brandon Sieve, many years ago. 
To date we have produced 60 videos, many are posted on YouTube. Click Here to View some of our videos on YouTube.  We also produce streaming video shows online at venues like ConcertWindow. Stay tuned to our blog for broadcast announcements !

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The Worlds First Irish Genealogy Podcast Series

 The Irish Families Project - books on every Irish County 

Irish Song And Recitation Broadcast

Timeline for Irish Genealogy Books


Danny Boy as sung by Mike O'Laughlin


Listen to all six Free Shows.

(1) Irish Family History
(2) Irish Song & Recitation
(3) Irish in America
(4) Irish Video Shorts
(5) Hedge School History of Ireland
(6) Irish Language - Hello Fada

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