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Notes Before You Take an Irish Class !


Hello Fada!
notes for the curious about the Irish Language

Counting; Greetings; Mac and O;
Sing the Anthem; Q & A ; Basic Words

Want a relaxed, fun way to learn about Irish Language ? Listen to one of our free Hedge School sessions and you’ll be hooked! No language experience required. Year 1 session leader, Renata, answers my questions after her Hedge School class is dismissed, and we are all the better for it. 

'Hello Fada' is not a song you learn at camp (like Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda'). The 'Fada' is the ancient accent mark that shows up as an apostrophe in so many Irish 'O' names like O'Brien, etc.. Click here for more about Renata and Language.

...and a big thank you to all of our members! -Mike O'L

P.S. See my first album below, we sing many old style songs in Irish too !

All Hello Fada Season 1 podcasts are Free!
1. Announcing Hello Fada our new podcast series

2. Meet Your Hedge Session Leader

3. Sl a'inte: Celebratory Greetings ! Fada ?

4. What's your name My Name I am

5. Three ways to say How are you

6. I am fine, not bad.

7. Where are you from? I am from. . .
8. Oro Se.... A simple tune in Irish

9. Counting up

10. Irish First Names and Spellings

11. Notes on the Irish Language

12. Sing the Irish National Anthem

13. Irish or Gaelic Language Questions

14. by Mac and O you'll always know

15. Bad Words in Irish?

16. The ancient Fada Our apostrophe

17. Ogham The First Irish Alphabet, Runes

Listen to all six Free Shows.

(1) Irish Family History
(2) Irish Song & Recitation
(3) Irish in America
(4) Irish Video Shorts
(5) Hedge School History of Ireland
(6) Irish Language - Hello Fada

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