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Irish in America Broadcast


Hedge School Sessions on the History of the
Irish in America
From Local Historians and the Everyday Irish

The Kerry Patch; Pendergast; Famine Irish;
Early Irish Settlers and Settlements

This broadcast originally began as a result of my book 'Missouri Irish' which was published in 1984. Having uncovered a lot of forgotten information, I knew the same would be true throughout the U.S. (I have also written a book on the California Irish.)

We share in depth interviews with local historians as well as random interviews at Irish Festivals.

The first three seasons have focused on Kansas City; St. Louis; Missouri; and Savannah Georgia. Feel free to nominate your area for our next season of the Irish in America! Leave your comments at (816)256-3360.

...and a big thank you to all of our members ! -Mike O’L

All Irish in America podcasts are Free! - Season 3


1. Brownes Fest Interview - Dana Regan

2. Duke and Kane interview at Brownes

3. Brownes Irish Street Faire Interview 3

4. Regan, O'Flaherty Interviews at Brownes

5. Interviews at the Street Faire

6. Brownes Irish Fest Interview Six

7. Brownes Irish Street Faire: Coppin

8. Brownes Irish Street Fair interview Quin1

9. Brownes Irish Street Faire Interviews

10. Interviews at Brownes Irish Street Faire

11. Gaelic Brass plays Danny Boy



Irish in America: Seasons 1 and 2
1. Kansas City Irish History and Legend

2. Donnelly Pendergast Founding Fathers Kansas City

3. Burke Canada 1868 Town of Kansas Missouri

4. Kansas City Oldest Irish Name in N. America

5. Kansas City Irish Jazz Lexington

6. Traditional Irish Music Scartaglen Kansas City

7. Irish Walsh Rellihan Picnics Northeast Listowel Chicago

8. O'Malley Nelly Don Pendergas Mafia in Kansas City

9. Pope Kansas City Irish Groups 1980's

10. Liverpool KC Irish St. Patricks Missouri

11. Adams Irish Patch Kansas AOH B&B's

12. Kellys Parade Jim Pendergast KC Irish Fest

13. Maher Kilkenny Ireland Irish groups newspapers
14. The Lone Piper Jody Watson Canada Congress

15. Irish Dancers Piper Scots Irish Lessons

16. Irish Wakes Germans no Famine Fitzgerald

17. Irish Dancer Mahony Genealogy Center YouTube

18. Jordon O'Malley

19. Missouri Irish Museum O'Cahan Kane

20. Back to Old Erin, Savannah Irish, Year End

21. Irish Wilderness, Ma O Mine, Kansas City

22.St. Louis Irish History Genealogy website author

23. Pendergast Murphy Stack Ballots Irish Mafia?

          Lost Irish Tribes in the South

24. Lost Tribes of Irish in Georgia

25. Lost Tribes of Irish in Georgia (2)

26. St. Pats Parade; Hibernians; Rangers


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