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Irish Hedge Row History Podcasts

Lessons From the Hedge Row

History of Ireland
Two Thousand Years of Irish History

St. Patrick; Brian Boru; Vikings
Normans; Wild Geese; Famine...

Peter Adams and I go from the time of the ancient Celts, to the famine era in Ireland. The massive exodus to N. America, Australia, Scotland, England and S. Africa... is covered too. Having published the Histories of Ireland by Keating, and by the Four Masters, plus the Conquest of Ireland, my resource shelf was ready for this one!

'They were rough unpolished men, teaching by the side of the road, in small rooms, whenever and wherever possible'. You are invited into my hedge school today.

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All History of Ireland Podcasts are Free

1. 001. Announcing Our Newest Broadcast

2. 002. Introducing Your Hosts

3. 003. Hedge Schools in Ireland, History and legend

4. 004. Hedge Schools and Teachers Part II

5. 005. The Great Irish Famine of 1845 - 1852

6. 006. End of The Great Irish Famine

7. 007 The Story of Edward Devalera

8. 008 Immigration and Destinations Worldwide

9. 009 The Vikings Attack Irish, Raids, Tactics

10. 010 Vikings Settle Ireland, Before Brian Boru

11. 011 Brian Boru rise to High King, Dalcassions

12. 012 The Battle of Clontarf and its aftermath
13. 013 Bardic Schools and Bards in Ireland

14. 014 Monastic Schools

15. 015 Flight of the Earls, Battle of Kinsale

16. 016 Confederacy; Civil War; Part 1

17. 017 Ireland in the 17th century

18. 018 Williamite Wars, King James II, Battle of Boyne

19. 019 Wild Geese, Limerick treaty 17th c. ends

20. 020 Irish History from the Hedgerow - 1700's

21. 021 Hedge Wolfetones Rising 1798

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    We are the Irish Roots Cafe house band.'
   Sean Nós means 'old style'. 
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