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Families of County Clare

Families of
County Clare, Ireland
Price: $36.00

Official County Book of
The Irish Families Project

The Families of County Clare Ireland

Irish Genealogy & Family History, indexed, illustrated,
maps, coats of arms, hardbound, gold stamped

Finding Your Family History in Co. Clare
This is the hardbound, illustrated, book that focuses exclusively on families of County Clare. Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes: Catholic and Protestant; native Irish; settler families from England, Scotland, and Wales; County Map; Coats of Arms; and more.. Information contained here-in dates from the earliest times to the modern era.

Expands Upon Earlier Information
The Master Volume in the Irish Families series is 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small'. It covers thousands of families from all of Ireland. 'Families of Co. Clare' greatly expands upon the coverage given in that book and adds several hundred new families. In this way both books compliment each other. 'Families of Co. Clare' is the 3rd volume in the series, which covers every county in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Only 7 of the 29 county books were hardbound and gold stamped. This is one of them. It was published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation and edited by Michael C. O'Laughlin.
An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of thousands of Clare families, sure to help any family researcher.

Introduction to Clare Families
The following is taken from the introduction to this work, setting the stage for the family histories that follow in the rest of the book. It is part of the section on the Cromwellian confiscations. "Inchovea by Simson and others Newtown by D. O'Brien, Esq. (Protest.) Carrowduff by Francis Dawes Ballyportry by John Brickdall Ballyharaghan by Mr. Hasley Inchicronan by Anthony Heathcott Clooney by Thomas Bourne Lissofin by William Costello Gaurrura by John Carter Scariff by Richard Blagrafe Caherhurley by Mathew Hicks Tomgraney by Luke Brady, Esq. Castlebank by Mr. Washington Tromroe by Peter Ward.

From 1653-65 roughly 80% of Clare was confiscated by Cromwellian and Restoration land grants. In 1653 under the Acts of Settlement, "Innocent Papists" turned out of their homes elsewhere in Ireland could settle in Clare, but not, for the most part, soldiers or adventurers who could settle in a strip along the border. (See Chart A). Continued migration into Clare was encouraged as the phrase 'To Hell or Connaught" became popular. Many old Irish families from other counties were told to relocate here. Tis not suprising, for the Cromwellians spoke of the Burren in Co. Clare as "a place where there is not enough wood to hang a man, enough water to drown him nor dirt enough to bury him".

New Families

Now we find new families like Sarsfield, Nugent, Arthur, Creagh, Blake, Bourke and Butler, obtaining lands in Co. Clare. Fierce contests ensued over time between these 'settler' families and the native Irish chiefs in Limerick and Clare. Many of the settler families eventually became thoroughly Irish, and some were said to have become 'more Irish than the Irish themselves'.

Major Entries
Among the families given the most coverage in this work are

O'Brien O' Bryan O'Brian;
O Connor O'Conner;
Mac Gorman; O' Grady Grady;
O' Hehir;
O' Loghlin Loughlin;
Mac Mahon;
Neylon Neillan...etc...

There are too many families to list here of course, and the list of families runs into the hundreds! Also included are extracts from older histories of County Clare by Frost and White as they relate to specific Irish families. Forming most of the old territory of Thomand, many families will overlap into County Limerick as well as County Clare.

Over 1500 families of Co. Clare are included, from the ancient times to the modern.

Clare Parishes
It is important for you to find the parish from whence your ancestors came. The parish is a basic geographical subdivision in Ireland. The parishes of County Clare are : Abbey, Bunratty, Carran, Clareabbey, Clondagad, Clonlea, Clonloghan, Clonrush, Clooney, Doora, Drumcliff, Drumcreehy, Drumline, Dysert, Feakle, Feenagh, Gleninagh, Inagh, Inchicronan, Inishcaltra, Kilballyowen, Kilchreest, Kilconry, Kilcorney, Kilfarboy, Kilfearagh, Kilfenora, Kilfiddane, Kilfinaghta, Kilfintinan, Kilkeedy, Killadysert, Killaloe, Killard, Killaspuglonane, Killeany, Killeely, Killilagh, Killimer, Killinaboy, Killofin, Killokennedy, Killonaghan, Killone, Killuran, Kilmacduane, Kilmacrehy, Kilmaleery, Kilmaley, Kilmanaheen, Kilmihil, Kilmoon, Kilmurry, Kilnamona, Kilnasoolagh, Kilnoe, Kilraghtis, Kilrush, Kilseily, Kilshanny, Kiltenanlea, Kiltoraght, Moyarta, Moynoe, Noughaval, O'Briensbridge, Ogonnelloe, Oughtmama, Quin, Rath, Rathborney, Ruan, St. Munchin's, St. Patrick's, Templemaley, Tomfinlough, Tomgraney and Tulla. Please remember that place names and spellings have changed over time. Be aware that small spelling differences may appear in records.

Table of Contents
Map of County Clare, Ireland
Ortelius Map of Clare 1576
Ancient Tribes
Ancient Tribal Names Chart
Map of Ancient Thomand
Old Irish Families
Cromwellian Settlement Map
Settler Families
Ancient Families listed in Keatings History

Old Records
1890 Birth Index & Clare Names
Griffiths Valuation (1855)
Family Names listed by barony in 1659
Passenger List of the Waterloo.....

Families of County Clare, Ireland
Over 1,000 Families with History and Locations Found.
(Listed in Alphabetical order, disregarding the
O', Mc, or Mac prefix before the name.).....

Clare FamiliesFrom the Master Book of Surnames
Map of Poor Law Unions in Co. Clare
Clare Names From the Master Book of Placenames
Special Report on The MacNamara Family
Index of Surnames and Arms of Clare Families

Families on the 4 Masters Map
What families were in the county in earlier days ? This might provide a clue to the locations of your family today. Here are some of the families given on the Map in the History of Ireland by the 4 Masters (Connellan translation. 2003, I.G.F.) E. = Earl, L.=Lord, C. = chieftain, V = Viscount, B.= Baron:
de Clare Creagh Cusack (O'Cisoghe) Mac Brodin Mac Clancy Mac Donnell, C. Magrath O' Brien, B. O' Brien, King O' Callaghan O' Carmody O' Connell O' Conor, L. O' Considine Mac Lysaght Mac Mahon, L. Mac Namara, P. O' Creagh O' Cullenan O' Culligan O' Curran O' Daly O' Davoren O' Dea, C. O' Deegan O' Dermody O' Drinan O' Flattery O' Fynn O' Gorman, C. O' Grady, L. O' Griffin O' Halloran O' Heffernan O' Hehir, C. O' Hickey O' Hogan O' Honeen O' Howley, C. O' Kearney, C. O' Keeley O' Liddy O' Loghlin O' Lynch O' Moloney, C. O' Morony, C. O' Mullins O' Neil (Nihel) O' Neylan O' Quinlevan, and O' Quinn, L..

The Final Word
This is a one of a kind book. "Families of County Clare, Ireland" is hardbound and gold stamped, with a smyth sewn binding for a lifetime of use. Includes over 3,000 families and is a must have for anyone with family in Clare.

6" x 9" size; 167 pages; 50 illustrations; well indexed by surname. Includes Castles in County Clare; family seats of power; locations; variant spellings of family names; full map of County Clare, coats of arms, and sources for research. From ancient times to the modern day. Second and most current edition, in dust jacket. Author/Editor: Michael C. O'Laughlin. Please note that the first volume in the Irish Families Project, "The Book of Irish Families, great & small", has additional information on Families in County Clare.

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