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How Irish is Your Name ?

Here is how you find out. I've recorded 20,000 documented individual surnames in Ireland, during 4 decades of research here at the Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School.
Just type in your Irish surname in the box below. Click the go button, and the books with your surname or subject will come up! Then click on the book name for more info about the source.

Spelling & Location
How many times does your name come up ?
The more times, the more popular your name was.
Remember that Mac, Mc and 'O' are often dropped or added to Irish Names. (The same name can be spelled several different ways.) Try other ways of spelling your name if you like. This search can also tell you what locations might be most common for your name. A great clue for the genealogist at a dead end !

Type in Your Surname Below !

If 2 or fewer sources come up: You've got a rare Irish name (or rare spelling of a name).
10 or more sources: You've likely got a fairly well established Irish name.
30 or more sources: You're near the top of the list !
100 or more sources: One of the worlds most numerous Irish names !

O, Mac, or Mc
Surname such as Laughlin or Naughton
Type without the O, Mac, or Mc
Select the Possible source here and click go.

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