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Broadcasting from the Irish Roots Cafe. Come sit with me in the corner booth. Molly has a pot of Irish coffee on, and Sweaney will greet you at the door. Find your Irish Ancestors; open old Irish books; sing a new song....
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(1) Irish Song & Recitations
(2) Irish in America 
(3) Irish Families Worldwide

Irish Song & Recitations
1. Irish Song, Story and Recitation Festival

2. Dear Little Shamrock History & Song

3. Danny Boy, The Blind O'Cahan Harper, History & Song

4. Kerry Dancing, Pub Recitations, Beaufort

5. Slievenamon History and Song Co. Tipperary

6. When Irish Eyes are Smiling Song & History

7. Endearing Young Charms by Thomas Moore
8. Connie Dover Siuila Run Song (Walk My Love)

9. An Spailpin Fanach & Rattlesnake Fritters

10. Where the River Shannon Flows: Protest

11. Macushla Michael Collins Frank Patterson

12. That's an Irish Lullaby, Sing & Chat

13. A Nation Once Again; A Soldiers Song; Irish Anthems

14. Una Bhan; MacDermott, Costello, Fair Una

Irish in America
1. Kansas City Irish History and Legend

2. Donnelly Pendergast Founding Fathers Kansas City

3. Burke Canada 1868 Town of Kansas Missouri

4. Kansas City Oldest Irish Name in N. America

5. Kansas City Irish Jazz Lexington

6. Traditional Irish Music Scartaglen Kansas City

7. Irish Walsh Rellihan Picnics Northeast Listowel Chicago

8. O'Malley Nelly Don Pendergas Mafia in Kansas City

9. Pope Kansas City Irish Groups 1980's

10. Liverpool KC Irish St. Patricks Missouri

11. Adams Irish Patch Kansas AOH B&B's

12. Kellys Parade Jim Pendergast KC Irish Fest

13. Maher Kilkenny Ireland Irish groups newspapers
14. The Lone Piper Jody Watson Canada Congress

15. Irish Dancers Piper Scots Irish Lessons

16. Irish Wakes Germans no Famine Fitzgerald

17. Irish Dancer Mahony Genealogy Center YouTube

18. Jordon O'Malley

19. Missouri Irish Museum O'Cahan Kane

20. Back to Old Erin, Savannah Irish, Year End

21. Irish Wilderness, Ma O Mine, Kansas City

22.St. Louis Irish History Genealogy website author

23. Pendergast Murphy Stack Ballots Irish Mafia?

          Lost Irish Tribes in the South

24. Lost Tribes of Irish in Georgia

25. Lost Tribes of Irish in Georgia (2)

26. St. Pats Parade; Hibernians; Rangers

Irish Families Worldwide
Archived podcasts are in the Members Only Section.

1. Molly the Irish Dancer

2. Molly's Favorite Places in Ireland

3. Irish Newspapers in America

4. Are You The O'Reilly of Ireland?

5. Irish Genealogy 29 Book Set Complete

6. Patty Donaghue of Glenflesk

7. Que Pasa Mr. Sullivan?

8. Your Irish Coat of Arms, Heraldry and Genealogy

9. Murphys Law: Database Falls Short

10. The Real Annie Moore Family

11. Irish Were not Celts? Sea Peoples, Africa, DNA

12. Irish Genealogy Live and Learn

13. Honolulu Wild Shamrocks; Smith Morarity France

14. Neafsey Maps England Mayo

15. Ross Castle Prophecy; DNA; Tralee

16. O'Shea Clan; Burkes Peerage; Ennis Parade

17. Liverpool; California; Yankton; N. Ireland

18. Pubs Obama Clark Pynnars Survey

19. Lowry ONeill Flaherty Doherty Leitrim

20. Puff Daddy Browne Oldest Irish Store

21. Moore McCoy rage Billy the Kid

22. O'Connell Muhammad Ali Griffiths Valuation

23. Madden Paul Newman 12 Irish Tenors

24. Loughery Celtic Ranch Donegal

25. White Missouri Irish History Minnaugh

26. French Whiners no smoking MacLaughlin Earhart

27. Wilson Wrinkle Canada Ned Kelly Australia

28. O'Shea DNA Cork Ryan Geese Slang

29. O'Neillan Kehoe Doolin Ulster Historical

30. FamilyTreeDNA Test R1B Dooley Donegal

31. Dublin Ohio Malloy Taylor Hill White Walsh Ireland

32. Irish Fests Armagh Taylor Canadian Park

33. Hill family O'Donnell Mullins Hammond of Ireland

34. White Whyte O'Toole O'Shea See Clare Ireland

35. Irish Walsh Tara Hills Dublin festival

36. Morrison Drums Irish Baby Names Snakes
37. California Irish Dollard National Library of Ireland

38. Forbes Gallagher Irish Dancers Quiet Man Trouble

39. Tribes of Galway Lynch Matchmaking in Ireland

40. Byrne Burns DNA Redmond Mrs. OLeary

41. Mullins Donegal Clan Reunion Bogus Arms

42. McKenny Families of Cork, Ireland Paddy Whacked

43. Cavanaugh Kilalli Griffin Germany Australia

44. Young Donegal Rare Irish Book Halligan

45.Limerick Phillips Philadelphia Maternal DNA

46. Arbys Dancing Monkeys, Hough, Cork Sources

47. Kennedy PRONI New Irish County Books

48. Boyle McCain roots, Wild Geese, Cambodia Irish

49. Dargan, Dublin Genealogy, Doherty, Presbyterian

50. Donegal Year of Potato St Patricks Day Heston

51. Galway Genealogy, Hillbilly Irish, Graham Canada

52. Co. Clare Ireland Genealogy; Kane Leaplings

53. Standing up for Danny Boy; Limerick Genealogy

54. County Mayo Irish Genealogy; Munro; St. Pats

55. Fitzgerald, Irish birth records, Co. Kerry Families

56. Irish Fitz, Fitchie, Murphy, School Choice

57.Halligan, Co. Down Ireland, Galway stories

58.Tyrell, Roscommon, Fools in Belfast Ireland

59.Forbes, Co. Longford, Savage, Ireland

60. Savannah Georgia, Kevin Barry, Jasper Greens

61. Madden, Padre Pio, Irish Indian, Kings County

62. Fr. Flanagan Boys Town Roscommon Ireland

63. Killeen, Google Me Irish; NGS conference

64. O'Shaughnessy, Co. Down Ireland genealogy, Birds

65. Irish DNA R1b; How and Why; Genealogy

66. Foster, Mayo, LDS vs. Catholic Irish parish records

67. Counihan; Cavan; Muslims in Wexford; Galway Fleadh

68. Dublin Irish Fest, Academy class: Dance, Bodhran, Fiddle

69. Harty Irish America Tipperary Favorites

70. Irish America Magazine Patricia Harty

Best of 1984
The first series of podcasts will be 'The Best of The Irish Roots Cafe 1984'. ( Indeed, quite early for podcasts, but we have always been ahead of our times!) This is a 6 part series I recorded with several friends, way back when. I hope the audio will be good enough after all these years in storage. It was about finding Irish ancestors and Irish heritage. Some things have changed since then, but it can still help those of us beginning the search. Archived podcasts are in the Member's Only Section.
1: How to begin

2. Research in Ireland

3. Final Steps

4. Family Names

5. Immigration

6. Finding Records

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