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'Irish Families' DNA genealogy Group

Time To Launch
I’ve delayed long enough on my DNA test, so now
it’s on. I’ve ordered the test packet, started up
the ‘Irish Families’ DNA group, and we’re off…
we’ve 700 signed up worldwide already… -Mike

(above) I Swab My Cheek and Send It In
A simple swab of your cheek and you've got your DNA ! This is great news for Irish Genealogy. Get on board: Swab your cheek and send it in (they send you a Q-tip type swab, then you mail it back to them). Who you are related to? Those with the same name as yours? What nationalities might be in your DNA ? Your DNA could trace you back to a townland in Ireland. Every year more people take the test that you can match up with. It's time to join the 'Irish Families', genealogy DNA test group !

My 'Irish Families' DNA Project
Over 700 Irish Roots Cafe members and supporters started the "Irish Families" DNA Project, at Just use the search box below. Type in your surname to find out more or to join the 'Irish Families' DNA project. They should be able to answer your DNA questions in depth as well. (note: FamilyTreeDNA is solely responsible for any related DNA services.) Oh, and remember, DNA genealogy tests work for any nationality.

Type your name in the box above to get started !
You may have to hit the return key to make it work
Remember to join the 'Irish Families' group too...
(See Mike taking the DNA test in the video above)

What does it cost ?
You can start DNA tests for under $100, but I'm starting with the 37 marker Ydna, which is under $150, and recommended. I ordered the family finder too, out of curiousness, though it is still relatively new science. Always with a grain of salt! With nearly all folks in our group having Irish ancestors, matches are coming in every week for different families....

The Tests I Just Ordered
On the Family Tree DNA page they will explain the types of tests. I picked the 'Y DNA' test with 37 markers (only men in your family can take this test), and the family finder test, which gives more general information on your DNA makeup. There is also a maternal mtDNA test best for the distant past. Pick one that looks interesting and you can upgrade it later if you like. I swabbed my cheek in October of 2013, and I'll have the test results in a couple of weeks. Wonder if I'll have any Viking or Middle Eastern dna ?

All My Families From Ireland
Our group concentrates on Irish names and families, so my Donahue, Sullivan, Kelliher, Buckley, Kilmartin, Quin, and Ready genes are up for grabs too ! Family Tree DNA will be sending/posting to me, all the matches for my DNA, not only now, but more matches as people continue to take the test each year.

I'll Keep in Touch
I'll be posting updates on my DNA results on our blog at the Irish Roots Cafe Blog/
That might help you as we go along in the search together. Feel free to drop me a short note on your results, I'll try to put a note in the blog, it has a wide readership, and could find more connections for you ! Be sure to sign up with the 'Irish Families' group at FamilyTreeDNA to stay connected. Those Family Tree DNA folks are ready to field your questions too.

Mike O'Laughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe

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