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Missouri Irish.

Missouri Irish.
Kansas City, St. Louis & Trails West
Price: $29.95

The Original History.

The first book ever written on the Irish in Missouri, the classic history by O’Laughlin from 1984, now updated to the 21st century. indexed, maps, 75 illustrations, lists, sewn binding, full color cover, 264 pages.ISBN: 978-0-940134-26-3

The Missouri Irish.
This is THE collection of facts, history, legend and photographs. The first book ever published on the Irish in Missouri with 75 illustrations, maps, photographs, extracts and sketches, The Murphy Wagon, Genealogy, Politics, The Kerry Patch and more. The story of the Irish in Missouri from the 1700’s to the great famine of the 1840’s to the 21st century. It is the story of the Irish in America as never told before !

Full chapters on the following topics are included:
Kansas City;
St. Louis;
St. Joseph & Buchanaan County;
The Famine Irish;
The St. Patricks Day Parades;
The Irish Wilderness and Iron Mountain Railroad; and
Irish Immigration and distribution, with statistics.

This is a premier work on the Irish in America, by the most published author in the field.

Table of Contents Part One
1770 - 1884. Irish Settlers in the Spanish Regime...
Indian Mounds and Tara Hills.
Immigration...Religious Ties and Conflicts...
West vs. East ...
The First Irish-American Settlement in the Bois Brule Bottom.

Part Two
1804 - 1900. The First Irish Americans
Pioneer Journalists ... Mexican War ... Steamboat Irish ... Indian War
...The Famine Irish ... Murphy’s Wagon replaced by the
Railroad ... Slavery ... Civil War Irish.

Part Three
Irish Immigration and Distribution
Irish Settlements in Missouri ... City vs. Farm .. Population by County
... Irish Settlements ...O’Fallon Missouri ... Donnybrook ...
Moving on from Missouri

Part Four
The Irish in the Cities.
Saint Louis... Brady & McKnight ... O’Connor... Mullanphy ..
The Kerry Patch ... Kansas City.... First Newspaper ...
Father Bernard Donnelly ... The first Irish in Kansas City ...
The History of the St. Patricks Day Parade ...
The Shamrock Society ... A.O.H. St. Joseph and Buchanan County...
On the overland trail

Part Five
The Irish Wilderness Settlement
Rev. J.J. Hogan ... Lifestyle ... Chillicothe ... Brookfield ... Ripley
and Oregon Counties ... Iron Mountain Railroad.

Part Six
My Irish American Heritage.
The Sullivans, Donahues, Buckleys, Irish American Development.

List of Illustrations
Alexander Doniphan
Alexander McNair
Alexander O'Reilly, commander
Archbishop Kenrick
Barney Carney married Arrah Wanna
'Bess' Donahue
Brownes Irish Market
Clanna Eireann
Clanna Eireann Dancers
Cole Camp Parade
Dance & Pipe Champions
Dennis Sullivan
Dred Scott
First Brick House
First Cultural Center
First Government House
Founding Patrons of Irish Center
Fr. Bernard Donnelly, Kansas City
Friends of Irish Freedom Certificate
God in the Hills
Hogan (Catholic)
Hogan (Methodist)
IACC Grand Opening
Irish Music in 1915
Irish Newspapers (The Shamrock, Irish Focus, Irish Life)
Irish Patch, Kansas City
Irish Roots Cafe
Iron Mountain Workers
J. Murphy & Sons Wagon reciept
James McDonough
John B. Sullivan
John Mullanphy, first Millionaire
John O'Fallon
John T. Buckley
Joseph Charless
Joseph Charless, Jr
The Murphy Wagon
Kansas Public Ledger
Kate 'Smith' on Trial
Kerry Patch (recent)
Kerry Patch Map
Kerry Patch Resident
Mary Ellen Sullivan
Michael Sullivan, Railroad worker
Missouri Gazette
Missouri Gazette 1818
Missouri Preachers
Missouri Republican Building
St. Patricks Day Parade Festivities
Patrick Griffen of the Irish Wilderness
Phelim O'Toole, St. Louis Hero
Prominent Celtic Americans
Railroad Line on the map
Sacred Indian Mound
Scartaglen, the band
St. Louis & San Fran RR

Extracts from Erin Benevolent Assoc;
Advertisements from 1808 onwards;
Irish American Firsts;
Genealogy Tips;
Historic Broadcasts on Missouri Irish;
Oldest Irish business;
Original Clanna Eireann Dancers;
Cultural Center Grand Opening;
Parade Festivities;
Champion Piper and Dancer;
Cole Camp Parade;
St. Louis Irish groups today;
Kansas City Irish groups today.

Early Work by O’Laughlin This is a specially commissioned
limited Patrons’ issue, originally published in 1984, now
expanded and updated for the first time ever. (You can
learn more about the author in the Irish Roots Cafe here at Surname index; list of sources and
75 illustrations; Names of early settlers and settlements; and
extracts from old books and newspapers containing full
names of those involved are included. softcover only.
Full color cover. Full 6” x 9” size. 264 pages.

Price: $29.95

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