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Genealogists Master Guide to the various Spellings of Irish Family Names
Genealogists Master Guide to the various Spellings of Irish Family Names
Price: $25.00

Genealogists Master Guide to the various Spellings of Irish Family Names

The Master Guide to Irish Family Name spellings:

The Master Name Collection The is the master collection of Irish Family Names and variant spelling groups. It includes over 18,000 names as found in the 17th and 19th century.

Find Your Spelling Group Most are divided into spelling groups, which capture other ways your name was spelled in the records you are researching. The rules of Irish surname spellings are also given here.

Rare and Common Spellings included All common spellings of names like Murphy, Kelly, Donahue, Kennedy, Walsh and Sullivan are included. They appear together with rarer spellings of names, and are linked together to help find your family name in the records. Rare, one of a kind names are given too. This book may provide a clue to the origins of your name as a result.

How Your Name has Changed Numerous real life examples will help you understand the actual ways in which your name was changed. In fact, there are more documented examples here, than in any other book in print. This work is great for identifying common names and rare spelling variants of Irish names. It also gives many names that were changed completely. There is no way of listing all the examples and spellings given in the book here, but some interesting examples of rarer spellings include names like:


One of A Kind This is a one of a kind work on the spellings of Irish Names. It is of special interest to family researchers and those that study the usage of language. When we say 'Irish Family Names', it includes the names of those who settled in Ireland from England, Scotland, Wales, and the continent of Europe. Those names are sometimes called 'settler names', and many of these families became 'more Irish than the Irish themselves'. Variant spelling groups include those of Matheson in the 1800's and others. (It is not a collection of family histories, but rather a collection of family names and spellings of related names.) It also includes data from the Master Book of Irish Surnames, which is no longer available. (2007)

Spiral Bound with lay flat binding, for easy reference to all the names and spellings found in the Irish archives here. indexed. (2007) ISBN 0-940134-918.

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