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County Limerick Genealogy and Family History Notes
County Limerick Genealogy and Family History Notes
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Family History
NOTES and Coats of Arms

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Finding Your Family in County Limerick
This illustrated, well indexed book, was created exclusively to help you find your family in County Limerick, Ireland. It includes a full color map of the county from the 1800’s. Focusing specifically on families within the county, it includes an introduction to research and sources in Limerick. The most numerous families from birth records are given, as well as rather rare Limerick families found in heraldic records. Included you will find a full page county map from the Atlas of Ireland, along with a listing of modern parishes and old townlands, along with the address and location of records for more research. Published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation, this book was originally made for members researching in Limerick.

What this book does
This work includes copies of actual records (some worn, torn and faded), from the IGF Library. It also includes rough sketches of family coats of arms and notes from centuries past - seldom found elsewhere. The resources provided here will help research any family in the county, including old Irish families, and settler families from England, Scotland, Wales and the continent. This book is a hands on guide for finding your family in Limerick- some family history is included - but it is not a gigantic collection of family histories . (For that see 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small', the first book in the Irish Families series by O'Laughlin.)

The Irish Families Project for Limerick
The Master book to the 34 volume Irish Families series is 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small'. That book gives hundreds of family histories from County Limerick, and the surrounding areas. " County Limerick Genealogy and Family History Notes", volume 31 in the series, expands upon that coverage with added families and new resources just for Limerick. (In this way both books can work together as a set if desired, or they may be used independently for research.)

Most Numerous Families
The most numerous families in Limerick in the 19th century were:


The Families of Co. Limerick contents:

Table of Contents

List of Books, ISBN data..
Barony Map of Limerick (1878)..

Part One
Introduction to Sources; Birth Index..
National Resource List ..
Local Resource List..
Names in County Limerick ..

Part Two
The complete existing returns from the 'census' of 1659, also showing the methods of spelling family names and place names at that time in history. Many Irish families are given in specific baronies within the county in this census. Additionally the barony is broken down into parishes, Townelands, and tituladoes, along with the number of English and Irish in each area. The tituladoes are both Irish and English. The baronies included here are :
Small County
Poble Bryen
Killmallock town

Note the names on the first page: John Ferinshaugh; Rich. Heyne; John Heyne; Thomas Carpenter; Wm. Carptenter; James Woods; George Woods; John Parker; Francis Vincent; Edm. Deane; Rch. Thorne and Wm. Payne. These are but a few of the names given in specific parishes and townelands. Many others are grouped together giving surname and barony of location. The Principal Irish names and head count is given at the end of each barony, for example: Bourk (8); OBrien (5); OCarroll (120; Cassie (07) , and so on. It should be remembered that place names and family names were spelled differently in earlier days, so the researcher should look closely at spellings given here.

Part Three
Coats of Arms and Genealogical Notes.
Arms connected in some way to the county, as taken from the Irish Book of Arms. The original listings provide specific locations for families, and clues for future research. Old illustrations of arms are included for the families of : Atkinson; Barry of Sandville; Bernard; O’Brien of Cahirmoyle; Bury; Cooper; Coote; Croker; Delmege; Dickson; Evans; Fane; Fitzgerald; Goold-Verschoyle; O’Grady of Kilballyowen; Greene; Guillamore; Holmes; Jocelyn; Kelly; Lloyd; Low; Lyons; Lysaght; Massey; Maunsell; Morony; Pery; Pomeroy; Quin; Rose; Ross-Lewin; Seymour; Southwell; Tracy; Tuthill; Waller; and Westropp; all with County Limerick connections.

Part Four
Finding Locations..
County Map..
Index of Place Names, ancient & modern. A sampling of place names to assist in
finding locations in the county, as taken from the Master Book of Irish Placenames.

Parish Names in County Limerick.
The parish is an important subdivision of the county. Parish records can be vital to research in the county. The following modern parishes are listed as in Co. Limerick:
Abbeyfeale Abington Adare Aglishcormick Anhid Ardagh Ardcanny Ardpatrick Askeaton Athlacca Athneasy Ballinard Ballingaddy Ballingarry Ballinlough Ballybrood Ballycahane Ballylanders Ballynaclogh Ballynamona Ballyscaddan Bruff Bruree Caheravally Caherconlish Cahercorney Caherelly Cahernarry Cappagh Carrigparson Castletown Chapelrussell Clonagh Cloncagh Cloncrew Clonelty Clonkeen Clonshire Colmanswell Corcomohide Crecora Croagh Croom Darragh Derrygalvin Donaghmore Doon Doondonnell Drehidtarsna Dromcolliher Dromin Dromkeen Dunmoylan Dysert Effin Emlygreennan Fedamore Galbally Glenogra Grange Grean Hackmys Hospital Inch St. Lawrence Iveruss Kilbeheny Kilbolane Kilbradran Kilbreedy Major Kilbreedy Minor Kilcolman Kilcornan Kilcullane Kildimo Kilfergus Kilfinnane Kilfinny Kilflyn Kilfrush Kilkeedy Killagholehane Killeedy Killeely Killeenagarriff Killeenoghty Killonahan Kilmeedy Kilmoylan Kilmurry Kilpeacon Kilquane Kilscannell Kilteely Knockainy Knocklong Knocknagaul Lismakeery Loghill Ludden Mahoonagh Monagay Monasteranenagh Morgans Mungret Nantinan Newcastle Oola Particles Rathjordan Rathkeale Rathronan Robertstown Rochestown Shanagolden St. John's St. Lawrence's St. Mary's St. Michael's St. Munchin's St. Nicholas' St. Patrick's St. Peter's & St. Paul's Stradbally Tankardstown Templebredon Tomdeely Tullabracky Tuogh Tuoghcluggin Uregare

Keep in mind the spelling of place names and parishes can change over time. Be flexible in your research when looking for these names.
Townland names and modern parishes are given in this selection. County Limerick includes the towns of Askeaton; Killmallock; Kilfinane; Rathkeale; Newcastle; Bruff; Ballingary; Pallaskenry; Adare; Abbeyfeale; and many others...

Family Name Index

Illustrations and Extracts
Treaty Stone 12
Civil Survey A-2

Families on the 4 Masters Map

What families were in the county in earlier days ? This might provide a clue to the locations of your family today. Here are some of the families given on the Map in the History of Ireland by the 4 Masters (Connellan translation. 2003, I.G.F.) E. = Earl, L.=Lord, C. = chieftain: Fitzgerald, E.

Burke, B.
Fitzgerald, E.
Fitzgerald, K.
Fitzgerald, L.
de Lacy, L.
Mac Arthur
Mac Eneiry, L.
O' Billry
O' Brien, L.
O' Brien, P.
O' Casey
O' Clerkin
O' Conlan
O' Connell, L.
Mac Sheehy
O' Cullen, C.
O' Dinnahan, C.
O' Donevan
O' Donovan, L.
O' Flannery
O' Grady, V.
O' Hallinan, C.
O' Hartigan
O' Hea, C.
O' Hely
O' Honan
O' Hurley
O' Kinealy, C.
O' Kirwick
O' Mackesey
O' Morony, C.
O' Mulcahy
O' Quinn, L.
O' Ryan
O' Scanlan, C.
O' Sheehan, C.
Sarsfield, V.

The Final Word
A hands on guide to find your family within the county Limerick . New; Full size 8 1/2 x 11; 52 pages; heavier parchment type cover; lay flat binding; illustrations, some of which may appear faded with age as in the originals; Full Color County Map from the 1800’s; Local Sources; Coats of Arms; and record extracts. Many families are given with family history notes, specific locations; coat of arms; and seats of power. Some are only mentioned. A must for any researcher. ( For a large collection of family histories within the county we also recommend "The Book of Irish Families, great & small", by O'Laughlin.). This work also continues a third book in the Irish Families Project entitled “Families of County Limerick, Ireland”.


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