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The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
Price: $225.00

The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters

The Most Noted Irish History of All Time ! Three item set plus large foldout family names map

From the original Irish as translated by Owen Connellan.
Three piece set Includes new map index in v.2;
plus the new 20 page surname name index under separate cover
The new index is available only from and the IGF
( The first translation into English).
The First Ever Translation The Annals of the Four Masters were compiled in the 17th century in County Donegal, primarily by Brother Michael O'Clery. The task was to compile all the existing known history of Ireland for future generations. They were put to writing in final form by the Four Masters in the Franciscan monastery in Donegal, starting in 1632. The work was completed on August 10, 1636. Many of the sources they drew from are no longer available to us, making there work a vital one for Irish history. The Franciscans are said to have supplied the food and lodging for the Four Masters. Fergall O’Gara, lord of Moy O’Gara and Coolavin, is said to have sponsored the project, and it was to him that the ‘Annals’ were dedicated. (©2006 IGF, compliments of the IrishRootsCafe).

Connellan made this, the first ever English translation of the 12th - 17th century annals, in 1846. (O'Donovan published a translation a few years later.) This first translation was alsoannotated by Philip MacDermott, M.D., who created the first family location map of Ireland in such comprehensive detail. That family location map appeared in the original and is included in this 2003 release of the original 1846 printing.

Year by Year Timeline Dated entries begin with the 1171 and run down until 1616 . The annotations by MacDermott and Connellan cover the full range of Irish History, from the earliest legends and people. Topics include: the great battles; the genealogy; the native Irish; the Anglo-Norman; and English possessors of land in Ireland. Laws, manners, customs, and notable characters in Irish history are given along with 'antiquities of every county'.

Archival Sources The history included was drawn from many sources throughout Ireland, including
the Annals of Tigernach;
The Annals of Innisfallen;
The Book of Clonmacnois;
The Annals of Ulster;
The Book of Conquests;
The Book of MacBruadins;
The Book of MacFirbis;
The Book of O'Conry;
The Book of O'Duigenean;
the Book of Loughree; and more. It includes Connellans translation of O'Heerin and O'Dugan.

Owen Connellan's translation of the annals into English was an historic event. Never before had this history appeared complete, in English. The dates covered represent the most accurate of the years recorded by the Four Masters, from the 12th to the 17th century. The translation of the annals help stir a national patriotism throughout the whole country of Ireland.

Connellan's translation in 1846 predates the excellent work by John O'Donovan. (These men were contemporaries. O'Donovan came out with his translation several years after the initial appearance, and public acceptance of, the annals by Connellan.) Time brings us an improved knowledge of the Gaelic language, and of the prejudices of the day. There is, however, no substitute for the original translation of such a work. All that came after owe some debt to the original effort.

Finally in Print It is hoped that scholars and researchers will be able to avail themselves of this edition, which has been too long out of print, almost forgotten. The map and text displayed here has been directly reproduced from the original, and understandably bears some marks of wear. This map, by Philip MacDermott, was the first to locate so many families in Ireland (far more than the crude map of Ortelius ). MacDermott also assisted with the annotations to the text, which are an important part of this history.

You have here a faithful printing of the original from the IGF library. No new errors have been introduced by a modern typing. The translations of the day have been left exactly as they first appeared in 1846.

About the Author Owen Connellan (1800-1869). This noted Irish antiquarian was born in County Sligo and became an outstanding translator of works in the Irish language. He was chair of Irish at the University of Belfast by 1845, after having produced the 'Practical Grammar of the Irish Language' in 1844. He also served as RIA amanuensis for some 20 years, and was Irish historiographer under the reign of George IV and William IV. In 1846 his Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters became the first ever complete translation into English for the years 1171 - 1616.

About the MapThis is the only edition of the annals which shows the locations of hundreds of Irish families on the large map. It is described: Families as they existed under the Milesian Kings with the old Principalities & other Chief Divisions the Palaces of the Kings, ancient Cities, Bishops' Sees, & remarkable Places, and the Territories possessed by each of the Irish Princes, Lords & Chiefs from the 11th to the 17th Century;

Also shown are the Possessions of the Danes in the 10th, 11th, & 12th centuries, and of the great Anglo-Norman and old English Families from the Reign of Henry the II to that of Elizabeth comprising the Period from the latter end of the 12th to about the middle of the 16th century.

On the printed sheet accompanying the Map an Account is given of the extent of all the ancient Territories, and of the Possessions, Rank, Titles & Descent of all the Irish Princes, Lords & Chiefs, and also the Titles & Territories of the Anglo Norman Lords & great English Families.
The Milesian Chiefs are all distinguished by O and Mac; The Head Chiefs are placed about the Middle of each Barony & others on their Localities. The Anglo-Irish are placed on some part of their Possessions & the word DANES is marked on the Territories which they possessed. The map was compiled by Philip Mac Dermott, M.D.

The premier historical source for IrelandThe Annals of the The Four Masters are perhaps the best known of all the Irish annals. Students of history will find these volumes valuable for study and comparison. Genealogists will value the names and genealogical records included. All will enjoy the history. The pages are faithfully and completely reproduced from the original 1846 volume in the IGF Library, and as such will bear some signs of aging or wear. Some names on the map are light as would be expected. (Note: this edition is in the English language). Includes the brand new 20 page supplement found nowhere else.

Historic Battles and Events Here are examples of military items of interest found in this index to this set. Some of the great battles of Irish chiefs included here are : battle of Achalethderg battle of Ardnaree Battle of Athenry battle of Clontibret battle of Cnucha battle of Gaura Battle of Kilmore battle of Maistean battle of Moylena battle of Shrule battle of the Ford of the biscuits battle of Thurles battle of Ventry battles in Ireland battles in Ulster.

Family Strongholds Some of the old family Castles and strongholds in Ireland are found in the text of this work as well, to mention just a few of the castles: Castle at Clones castle building Castle Conell Castle Connell castle Coote castle Hyde castle Kilbarron castle Kilcoleman castle Kill Colmain castle Lehan castle Magner castle of Athleathan castle of Roscommon castle of Sligo Including castles demolished and castles in Ely.

Irish Septs and Clans Thousands of families are given in this masterpiece, and countless references to Irish 'Clans', including the following:

Clan Breasail Clan Cahil Clan Colla Clan Colman Clan Conary Clan Conchubhair Clan Conway clan Costello Clan Cuan Clan Cuilein Clan Diarmada Clan Donal Clan Donnell galloglasses Clan Fergus Clan Fermaighe clan Huge Clan Kenny Clan Kian Clan Maoilroona Clan Maoilughra clan Maurice of Mayo Clan Murchada Clan Snedgile clan Tomalty Clan-Fergus Claneboy lands Clanna Baoisgne Clanna Breogain Clanna Dalaigh clanna Deaga Clanna Deagha Clanna Deaghaidh Clanna Lugaid Clanna Moirne Clanna Rory Clanna Rudhraidh Clannaboy Clanrickard.

The Final Word The 'Annals of the History of Ireland by the Four Masters' is an outstanding piece of Irish history. This first ever English translation is a prize for any library. New map index included in volume 2. New surname index forms the third piece to this set. The extra large folding map with hundreds of Irish families located there-on, has never been equaled.

Limited edition, complete, from the 1846 original translation by Connellan. Hardbound, Gold Stamped. Two volumes plus new surname index. Full color frontis in each volume. Large folding family location map at rear of volume 2. Celtic letter ornamentation inside and out. Alphabetical listing of names on the original large fold out map found only in this IGF limited edition printing. History and Genealogy from the 12th - 17th century annals complete. Annotations covering the History of Ireland from the earliest times. Indexed. Plus a special 20 page stapled supplement, a third item, entitled "The New Family Name Index to the Annals of Ireland", with 2,000 names never before indexed. This supplement is available only from and the IGF

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