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Tribes and Customs of the Hy Many
Tribes and Customs of the Hy Many ( Ui Many or Ui Mani)
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The Tribes and Customs of The Hy Many
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By the noted Antiquarian John O'Donovan.

Irish Genealogy & History, local history, indexed, map,
hardbound, gold stamped, in English and Gaelic language
212 pages.

A Rare Historical Work A rare hard bound work "The Tribes and Customs of Hy Many" in Ireland. This is a scholarly and most respected work from the 19th century, both the gaelic language version and the English language version are included in this book, side by side.

A premier resource indeed. Originally pubished by the Irish Archaeological Society in 1843, from the Book of Lecan, with the renowned John O'Donovan as editor. Both the old gaelic and modern English text of this work are reproduced in this IGF edition, complete. Includes the ancient history of the land and families in this area.

Includes Notes and Pedigrees on the families of :
Mac Keough,
O' Donnellan,
O' Naughten, and
MulLally or Lally.

Also includes information on the families of: Knavin - Nevin, Cahill, Dowling, Harrington, O' Conroy, O'Fallon or Falon, Mac Gerraghte or Geraghty, O'Kennedy Kennedy (not of Ormond), O'Concannon Concannon, O'Murry, Tracy, Mulduff, Cannan, Connaughtan, Mooney, Finnerty, Finnaghty, Cosgrave, Cosgry, larkin, Donnelly, Brennan, Roddy, Cuolahan, Dooley, O'Coffey Coffey, O'Gledra, O'Kenny Kenny, Curran, Mac Egan, O'Lomain, Fahy,Foran, Cullen/Collins, O'Cravane, Dorcey, D'Arcy, Hughes (Aedha), Cogan,Madagan, O'Lachtnain, O'Laughnan or Laughnan, Conwy, and Conway to name a few........

Families descended from Sodhan Included also are the families anciently descended from Sodhan, being the families of
(Mac) Ward,
O'Maigin and

An updated surname index is included only in this edition. Complete with Gaelic and English translation, notes, Hy-Many map, as prepared by O'Donovan in 1843, this is the major source of information for the families of Hy-Many country. (Counties Roscommon and Galway in Ireland.) This work together with O'Donovans 'Tribes and Customs of the Hy Fiachrach', forms one of the truely historic sets of 19th century Ireland, published as part of the 'old Ireland' series.

Table of Contents
Ortelius Map of Ireland excerpt
Map of the Hy Many (Ui Mani) Territory
Introduction by O'Donovan

Account of the various Families and Genealogies
Customs of the Area
Additional Notes, history, and pedigrees.
Original Index of contents.
New Surname Index supplement
Listing of Galway / Roscommon Familes

About the Author John was born on July 9, 1809, in County Kilkenny at Attateemore in Ireland. Beginning work at the Irish Record Office early, he joined the Ordnance Survey in 1829, and came to work under Dr. Petrie there. (One named ‘Petrie’ would later design the typeface for O’Donovans “Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters”). Working on maps, place names and history, his notes were later published in fifty volumes and known as “The John O’Donovan Archaeological Survey”.

Among his other publications are “A Grammar of the Irish Language”; a supplement to “O’Reilly’s Irish Dictionary”; the “Topographical Poems” written by O’Dubhagain and O’Huidrin, enumerating the principal families and territories of Ireland, and their chiefs in the 14th century; and maps of ancient Ireland. - (courtesy of the IrishRootsCafe.)

The Final Word This volume covers the territories of Co. Galway and County Roscommon, Ireland in depth, as no other. New, with hard bound thread sewn binding for generations of use. 212 pages. armorial bearings (written), pedigree charts, new updated index. You can learn more about the author/translator in the Irish Roots Cafe, here at


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