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Tribes, Customs and Genealogies of the Hy Fiachrach
Tribes, Customs and Genealogies of the Hy Fiachrach
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The Tribes, Customs
and Genealogies of the
Hy Fiachrach

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Irish Genealogy & History, indexed, fold out chart,
illustrated, hardbound, gold stamped, 500+ pages,
by the noted antiquarian John O'Donovan.
A Rare and Valuable Work The rare work titled "The Tribes, Customs and Genealogies of the Hy Fiachrach' by John O'Donovan. Complete in the gaelic language and the English translation; notes; Hy Fiachrach map; and folding genealogical chart, this is the major source of information for the families of Hy Fiachrach country. (Counties Mayo and Sligo in Ireland).

Beyond Compare No other source can really be compared to this compilation of history and genealogy. Over 500 pages, one section is devoted to the history of the Welsh families in the area. Also included are discussions of the inauguration of the ancient Irish Kings, and existing documents and wills. Inside this work, you will find both the Gaelic and English texts side by side as originally published by O'Donovan in the 19th century. Historians will note that this title is also anciently known as 'The Book of O'Dowd'.......

Adding to the history of the Hy-Fiachrach families, one section gives extensive data on O'Dowd, O'Shaughnessy, Cleary, O'Heyne & Also find the pedigrees, arms, castles and lands of Hy Fiachrach families. A special section is dedicated to the map of the ancient terrain. A new IGF updated surname index is included make this edition the best to research of all.

About the Author John was born on July 9, 1809, in County Kilkenny at Attateemore in Ireland. Johns accomplishments are many. He became acquainted with the well known Hardiman who introduced him to several scholars, and went on to help found the Irish Archaeological Society. His well known brother-in-law, Eugene O’Curry, helped in that endeaver as well. (You can learn more about the author in the Irish Roots Cafe, here at

He was admitted to the Bar in 1847, and was professor of Celtic Languages at Queens College in Belfast. Trinity College conferred upon the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws; and the Royal Academy of Science at Berlin elected him an honorary member. Among his other publications are “A Grammar of the Irish Language”; a supplement to “O’Reilly’s Irish Dictionary”; the “Topographical Poems” written by O’Dubhagain and O’Huidrin, enumerating the principal families and territories of Ireland, and their chiefs in the 14th century; and maps of ancient Ireland. His work played an important and inspiring role in the ‘celtic revival’ of Ireland down to the present day. - (courtesy of the IrishRootsCafe).

O'Donovans Second Work As a result of the reception of O'Donovans Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many in 1843, the Tribes and Customs of HY FIACHRACH (Ui Fiachra) was published the following year. Thus, this title became the second one offered in the IGF classical Old Ireland series, reproduced in modern times. It is the only republication of the work known.

In addition to the text of the work which runs some 321 pages, much more is included in the appendix of this antiquarian work:

Table of Contents
Tribes and Customs of the Hy Fiachrach (321 pages)
The Welshmen of Ireland (16 pages)

The Pedigree of O'Dowd
Abstract of Dermot O'Shaughnessys will
O'Shaughnessy Family Tree
Pedigree of O'Cleary
Pedigree of O'Heyne
Pedigree of MacFirbis
Saint Ceallach
The Inauguration of Irish Chiefs, including The O'Donovan
DeBurgo's Possessions in Tirawley
Special Geographical Index to the Map
Original Index to Hy Fiachrach
New IGF name Index appearing only in this edition.

More of the specific families included in this work are:

O'Callaghan of Erris,
Gearan, Burns (O'Conboirne),
Murray, Loughnane, Loftus,
Larissy, Gaughan, O'Flynn Flynn,
Tierney, O'Malley Malley,
Dorcey -Darcey-D'Arcy,
Gormley, Kilkelly, Kane,
Markham, O'Heyne, O'Clery Cleary,
O'Down, O'Gillin Gillen, Cuolahan,
O'Quin-O'Cuin Quin,
Gorman, Kearney-Carney,
Kerrigan, Quigly, Brogan,
O'Casey Casey, Connolly,
Lennon-Leonard, Grehan-Derrick,
Gadan, O'Cummins Cummins, O'Mollina,
Flannelly, Heany,
Mangan - Mongan,
Breaffy, O'Moran Moran,
Rowley, O'Finan,
O'Spealain Spillane, O'Breslen,
Feeney, Rush, O'Meeny Meeny,
Boland, Scanlan,
Coyne - Cuain, Coleman,
Murphy, Morrissy, Fox- O'Sinna,
MacCarrick, O'Rafferty Rafferty, Gilmer........

The Final Word This very rare hard bound volume, is complete in modern English with translation into gaelic, (appears side by side in Gaelic and modern English); includes valuable notes on Mayo and Sligo history; pedigrees, map, foldout chart, original and new index, Placename guide, Addenda, Letters, Wills, Extensive info on O'Shaughnessy, Extra coverage of: O'Clery, O'Hyne (Hine, Hynes), Mac Firbis & O'Dowd.. Over 500 pages.


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