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Families of County Cork
Families of County Cork
Price: $36.00

Official County Book of The Irish Families Project Families of
County Cork

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New, direct from the publisher. Irish
Genealogy & Family History, indexed, maps, coats of arms,
illustrated, hardbound, gold stamped, 219 pages.
Finding Your Family History in Co. Cork This is the hardbound, illustrated, book that focuses exclusively on families of County Cork. Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes: Catholic and Protestant; native Irish; settler families from England, Scotland, and Wales; County Map; Coats of Arms; and more.. Information contained here-in dates from the earliest times to the modern era.

Expands Upon Earlier Information The Master Volume in the Irish Families series is 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small'. It covers thousands of families from all of Ireland. 'Families of Co. Cork' greatly expands upon the coverage given in that book and adds several hundred new families. In this way both books compliment each other. 'Families of Co. Cork' is the 4th volume in the series, which covers every county in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Only 7 of the 29 county books were hardbound and gold stamped. This is one of them. It was published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation and edited by Michael C. O'Laughlin.
An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of thousands of Cork families, sure to help any family researcher.

Expanded Information When needed, sources are given for further research. Family castles, dates of occupation and locations are given. Ordinary Cork people, from the 17th to the 19th century are included too.
The following is taken from the introduction to this book, and helps set the stage for the family history that follows in the bulk of this work. " The Vikings settled here centuries before the Norman invasion, and are credited with establishing the city of Cork. Their settlement did not lead to the great upheaval that the Norman invasion eventually caused. The Skiddys, Coppingers and Cotters were a few of the 'Viking' families that settled here at an early date, and remained in relative peace. (see surname entries of those families in text of this book). The Norman Invasion Robert Fitz-Stephen and Miles (Milo) de Cogan were granted the entire kingdom of Cork in 1177 by King Henry II. (This did not include however the city and land belonging to the Ostmen, also called Danes or Vikings.) Cork lands could only be taken slowly at first by the Normans. Many Anglo-Norman families and their retainers (undertakers) had to be settled here for that purpose over time. Large tracts of land were held by many of these families subsequently, including the Carews, De Courcys, Fitzgeralds and Barretts. Sir Richard Boyle, who became the Earl of Cork, helped with the plantation of many English here. They were 'settled' in direct opposition to the old Gaelic families native to the land, who stood to lose their homes, lands, and power. Many battles were fought and much blood shed on both sides of the line, which at times became blurred. Castles were numerous and often necessary to protect life and limb. "

Families with major entries in this book include:
Mc Auliffe;
Mac Carthy;
Mac Cotter;
Courcy deCourcey;
O Crowley;
O Daly;
O Donovan;
O Driscoll;
O Keeffe, O'Keefe;
O' Mahoney;
O' Sullivan;
Twomey and
Walsh, Welsh....and so on.....

There are too many name to display here!

To see the complete name index to this book go to the IGF Ebay Name Index

This book greatly expands upon the families given in the first volume to the set, 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small'. Many more Cork families are given here, and additional information can be found on families included in the first volume to the series.

Specific Cork Parishes
The parish is an important geographical division to remember in your research. Once the parish is located, your journey is nearly finished ! Here are the specific (modern) parishes of County Cork that our Irish ancestors lived in:Abbeymahon, Abbeystowry, Aghabulloge, Aghacross, Aghada, Aghadown, Aghern, Aghinagh, Aglish, Aglishdrinagh, Ardagh, Ardfield, Ardnageehy, Ardskeagh, Athnowen, Ballinaboy, Ballinadee, Ballintemple, Ballyclogh, Ballycurrany, Ballydeloher, Ballydeloughy, Ballyfeard, Ballyfoyle, Ballyhay, Ballyhooly, Ballymartle, Ballymodan, Ballymoney, Ballynoe, Ballyoughtera, Ballyspillane, Ballyvourney, Barnahely, Bohillane, Bregoge, Bridgetown, Brigown, Brinny, Britway, Buttevant, Caheragh, Caherduggan, Caherlag, Cannaway, Carrigaline, Carrigdownane, Carrigleamleary, Carrigrohane, Carrigrohanebeg, Carrigtohill, Castlehaven, Castlelyons, Castlemagner, Castletownroche, Castleventry, Churchtown, Clear Island, Clenor, Clondrohid, Clondulane, Clonfert, Clonmeen, Clonmel, Clonmult, Clonpriest, Clontead, Cloyne, Coole, Cooliney, Corbally, Corcomohide, Cork Holy Trinity, Cork St. Nicholas, Cork St. Paul's, Cork St. Peter's, Corkbeg, Creagh, Cullen, Currykipane, Dangandonovan, Derryvillane, Desert, Desertmore, Desertserges, Donaghmore, Doneraile, Drinagh, Drishane, Dromdaleague, Dromdowney, Dromtarriff, Dunbulloge, Dunderrow, Dungourney, Dunisky, Dunmahon, Durrus, Fanlobbus, Farahy, Fermoy, Garranekinnefeake, Garrycloyne, Garryvoe, Glanworth, Gortroe, Grenagh, Hackmys, Ightermurragh, Imphrick, Inch, Inchigeelagh, Inchinabacky, Inishannon, Inishcarra, Inishkenny, and Island are some of the names given. Note that words may begin with "Inish' or "Inis" etc... and they stand for the very same place. in records you are researching.

In the next section of place names, note that names beginning with 'Kil' may also be found as "Kill" or 'Kell' in older records. The next group of parishes are given as follows:
Kilbolane, Kilbonane, Kilbrin, Kilbrittain, Kilbrogan, Kilbroney, Kilcaskan, Kilcatherine, Kilcoe, Kilcorcoran, Kilcorney, Kilcredan, Kilcrohane, Kilcrumper, Kilcully, Kilcummer, Kildorrery, Kilfaughnabeg, Kilgarriff, Kilgrogan, Kilgullane, Kilkerranmore, Killaconenagh, Killanully, Killaspugmullane, Killathy, Killeagh, Killeenemer, Killowen, Kilmacabea, Kilmacdonogh, Kilmaclenine, Kilmahon, Kilmaloda, Kilmeen, Kilmeen, Kilmichael, Kilmocomoge, Kilmoe, Kilmoney, Kilmonoge, Kilmurry, Kilnaglory, Kilnagross, Kilnamanagh, Kilnamartery, Kilpatrick, Kilphelan, Kilquane, Kilquane, Kilroan, Kilroe, Kilshanahan, Kilshannig, Kilsillagh, Kilworth, Kinneigh, Kinsale, Kinure, Knockavilly, Knockmourne, Knocktemple, Lackeen, Leighmoney, Leitrim, Liscarroll, Liscleary, Lisgoold, Lislee, Lismore & Mocollop, Litter, Little Island, Macloneigh, Macroney, Macroom, Magourney, Mallow, Marmullane, Marshalstown, Matehy, Middleton, Mogeely, Mogeesha, Monanimy, Monkstown, Mourneabbey, Moviddy, Murragh, Myross, Nohaval, Nohavaldaly, Rahan, Rathbarry, Rathclarin, Rathcooney, Rathcormack, Rathgoggan, Ringcurran, Ringrone, Ross, Rosskeen, Rostellan, Shandrum, Skull, St. Anne's Shandon, St. Finbar's, St. Marys Shandon, St. Michael's, St. Nathlash, St. Nicholas, Subulter, Templebodan, Templebreedy, Templebryan, Templemartin, Templemichael, Templemolaga, Templenacarriga, Templeomalus, Templequinlan, Templeroan, Templerobin, Templetrine, Templeusque, Timoleague, Tisaxon, Titeskin, Trabolgan, Tracton, Tullagh, Tullylease, Wallstown, Whitechurch and Youghal. Please remember that place names and place name spellings changed over time, so be aware of variant spellings of the parish you are looking for.

Table of Contents
Map of County Cork
Ortelius Map of Cork, 1576
Ancient Tribes
Ancient Tribal Names Chart

Family Names Map for Cork
Norman Invasion
Ancient Fermoy Map

Old Irish Families
Ancient Families in Keatings History

Settler Families from abroad
Chief Seats in 1741
Manuscript Illustration
Lost Town of Cork, Maine
Arrival of Ship Sirius at New York
Cork Map circa 1595
The Train Comes to Mallow
Blarney Stone

Families of Co. Cork History and Locations
over 1,000 families given in the text of this work. Includes old Irish families as well as settler families from England, Scotland, Wales, and the continent.

Cork Families in the Master Book of Irish Surnames
Cork Names from the Master Book of Irish Placenames
Index of Death Records
Index of Family Names Found in the Text

Families on the 4 Masters Map What families were in the county in earlier days ? This might provide a clue to the locations of your family today. Here are some of the families given on the Map in the History of Ireland by the 4 Masters (Connellan translation. 2003, I.G.F.) E. = Earl, L.=Lord, C. = chieftain, V = Viscount, B.= Baron:
Barnwall Barrett, Lord Barry, Baron Barry, Earl Barry, Lord Barry, Oge de Capel de Carew de Cogan de Cogan, L. Condon, B. Coppinger de Courcy, E. Fitzgerald, E. Fitzgerald, L. Fitzgerald(Fitzgibbon) . the White Knight Fitzgibbon(Fitzgerald) . the White Knight Galwey Gould Mac Auliffe, Chief Mac Carthy, King Mac Carthy, P. Mac Carthy Reagh, P. Mac Clancy, C. Mac Donough, L. Nagle O Ahern (Ahearn) O' Bradley O' Brien, C. O' Brigan O' Callaghan, L. O' Callanan O' Casey O' Claisin O' Coleman Mac Sheehy, C. Mac Sherry Mac Sweeney, C. O' Cowley, C. O' Creagh O' Crowley, C. O' Crowly O' Cullen O' Cullenan, C. O' Curry O' Daly O' Danaher O' Dea, C. O' Deasy O' Dennery O' Dinane O' Dineen O' Donovan, L. O' Donovan O' Driscoll, L. O' Dugan, C. O' Falvey O' Fihelly O' Flynn, C. O' Flynn O' Griffin O' Halahan O' Hartigan O' Hea, C. O' Healy O' Hennigan O' Herlihy O' Heyne O' Hoollaghan O' Horgan O' Hurley O' Kearny O' Keefe, L. O' Kelleher O' Leary, L. O' Lehan (Lyons) L. O' Lomasey O' Looney O' Lynch O' Mahony, L. O' Morony O' Murphy O' Noonan, C. O' Regan O' Riordan, C. O' Ronayne O' Scannell O' Shea O' Sullivan Beare, P. O' Sullivan, P. O' Tuohy O' Tuomey Roche, V. Sarsfield Skiddy Supple, and Walsh.

If your family came from Cork, this is the book for you..........................
The Final Word This is a one of a kind book. "Families of County Cork, Ireland" is hardbound and gold stamped, with a smyth sewn binding for a lifetime of use. Includes over 3,000 families and is a must have for anyone with family in Cork.

Specifications: 6" x 9" size; 219 pages; 42 illustrations; well indexed by surname. Includes Castles in County Cork; family seats of power; locations; variant spellings of family names; full map of County Cork, coats of arms, and sources for research. From ancient times to the modern day. First Edition in dust jacket. Author/Editor: Michael C. O'Laughlin.

Special Note: This is the larger of two books on County Cork in the Irish Families Project. The other title is: "County Cork Genealogy and Family History Notes". The two are meant to compliment each other.


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