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King James' Irish Army List
King James' Irish Army List
Price: $150.00

King James'
Irish Army List

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Irish Genealogy & Family History, expanded index, hardbound, gold stamped, approx. 1,000 pages, complete.
What iIt Is ‘King James’ Irish Army List’ ‘is a singular mass of family history and information illustrating the lineage, honours and achievements of families connected with Ireland by birth, rank, title or alliance which took the author over 50 years to compile’. Many of his sources are now lost to time, but this work survives and is a gold mine for researchers.

Hardbound and Complete; with the expanded surname index available only in this 20th century IGF edition, including names that were not indexed in the original edition, the hardbound work entitled 'King James' Irish Army List 1689'. It has 1000 pages of historical research, and methodically lists each unit and individual with family history as available. Includes clan history of the day often going back for generations. This classic work of Irish Family History traces the history of the original 'Wild Geese of Ireland making a valuable historical and military contribution.

.This is the only 20th century production of this edition ever published. Much is contained here on the families that remained behind in Ireland. Ancient genealogical and historical illustrations are included. For Irish families D'Alton concentrates particularly on early locations. Families who came to Ireland from England and Scotland are often given origins and dates of arrival. Rare records, including the military lists are included. Dedicated to the family history of each of the Wild Geese of Ireland.

The Wild Geese These ‘wild geese’ were a body of 30.000 - 40,000 Irish who had been plundered of their estates. They left Ireland under different leaders, and entered the service of France, Spain, Austria and Venice. The 'Wild Geese' of Ireland are each documented here by name. (Every family from 70 regiments is D'Altons starting point.) For each family D'Alton gives historical and genealogical illustrations. For Irish families he concentrates particularly on ancient locations. For families who came to Ireland from England and Scotland, he often gives the place from which they came and at what date
D'Alton, dedicated to the ancient family history of each of the Wild Geese of Ireland, takes each family into to the 17th century confiscations and Acts of Settlements down to the 1800's as possible. The information in this work will link Irish families together worldwide back to the homeland. Only this edition contains 400 surnames missed in the original surname index.
Included among these Wild Geese are over 70 regiments,; family histories including the family in Ireland and abroad; Old Irish Families; some Scots-Irish Families; and other Settler Families. 1,000 pages.

About the Author John D’Alton was born in 1792 at Bessville, County Westmeath, Ireland. He would spend most of his adult life in Dublin, until his passing at the age of 75 on January 20, 1867. A noted author, his works include “Essay on the Ancient History etc...of Ireland”; “History of the County of Dublin”, “Memoirs of the Archbishops of Dublin”, “History of Drogheda”, “The Annals of Boyle” and more. He was also a regular contributor to Gentlemen’s Magazine. John attended Trinity College and was called to the Bar in 1813. He was Commissioner of the Loan Fund Board in Dublin in 1835.
In his work “Illustrations Historical and Genealogical of King James’s Irish Army List”, John stated that he had often been invited to publish family records from his extensive manuscript collection. His “King James’s Irish Army List” was eventually published as a result. He drew upon his vast library and existing materials on Irish family history to finish this one of a kind work. It stands as a valuable research tool for general Irish family research, as well as an introduction to these ‘wild geese’ of Ireland.
The Irish Genealogical Foundation published his “King James’s Irish Army List” in 1997.

The Final Word This is the often quoted, seldom seen classic work. These were the soldiers fighting for the freedom of Ireland. New. Hardbound with thread sewn binding for generations of use, gold stamped cover.


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