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The Birth Index of Ireland
The Birth Index of Ireland
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The Birth Index
of Ireland

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Locates places of birth in Ireland, and the relative number of families for each family name.
(Genealogy Geneology) New 2004 edition.

This is the birth index of Ireland, recording all surnames with 5 or more births in Ireland and giving counties of location for those surnames.

A Primary Source This birth register is a primary genealogy source for finding the location and relative number of Irish families in 19th century Ireland. (Most families remain centered in the same areas in Ireland).This is an enlarged print out of the birth index of Ireland. It lists every surname found, and the county it was found in. Larger print makes it easier to read than the original. This new edition is spiral bound for easy lay flat usage, plus we have added a map of the counties and provinces along with commentary. Research aid published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation. One of the very few sources we have to locate surnames for the genealogy researcher in 19th century Ireland. This work serves as an Irish census records substitute for locating traditional family names in Ireland. If you do not know where to start looking for death, marriage and land records, this family surname locator could help find your county of origin.

Find your county of origin in Ireland The birth index of Ireland is a very basic tool for Irish family research. It can help find the county of location and the homeland of your family within Ireland. Since most families stayed in their traditional homeland over time, this index may be considered accurate for the years 1800 - 1900. The index itself was compiled in 1890, but you will find it is good for the time period of the famine and earlier in the vast majority of cases. Many families have been centered in the same area for hundreds of years.

Several important concepts are introduced in this index. One obvious point is that the county is very important for finding your family. Your first goat should be to find the county of origin for your Irish Family. You can then move on to research within the county. You will also notice the use of Provinces, to help determine the area of Ireland the family was found in. There are today four Provinces in Ireland: Leinster; Munster; Ulster and Connaught. Each province contains several counties.

Numerous or Rare Family ? This resource can tell you if your family was a numerous one in Ireland, or if it was widespread in Ireland. It can also give you a hint of the most common spelling of your name in that era of record keeping. It is also interesting to look at the other family names surrounding yours in America. Do they all come from Co. Kerry ? Co. Cork ?. Is the maiden name of your great grandmother from the same county as your great grandfather ? These are a few of the clues you can look for when studying this special report on surname locations in Ireland.

The Final Word This is a one of a kind work on family names in Ireland. Based on the actual number of births recorded, it is one of the best surname locators for the 1800's. A primary resource for every family researcher. New.

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