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Families of County Galway
Families of County Galway
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Official County Book of The Irish Families Project Families of
County Galway

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Ready for immediate shipment - direct from the author. Irish Genealogy & Family
History, indexed, maps, coats of arms, illustrated, hardbound, gold stamped, 207 pages.
Finding Your Family History in Co. Galway This is the hardbound, illustrated, book that focuses exclusively on families of County Galway. Part of the Irish Families Project, it includes: Catholic and Protestant; native Irish; settler families from England, Scotland, and Wales; County Map; Coats of Arms; and more.. Information contained here-in dates from the earliest times to the modern era.

Expands Upon Earlier Information The Master Volume in the Irish Families series is 'The Book of Irish Families, great & small'. It covers thousands of families from all of Ireland. 'Families of Co. Galway' greatly expands upon the coverage given in that book and adds several hundred new families. In this way both books compliment each other. 'Families of Co. Galway' is the 6th volume in the series, which covers every county in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Only 7 of the 29 county books were hardbound and gold stamped. This is one of them. It was published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation and edited by Michael C. O'Laughlin.

An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of thousands of Galway families, sure to help any family researcher.

The Tribes of Galway This is the story and history of families in Co. Galway, including but not at all limited to, the so called ' 14 tribes of Galway'. Family information from Hardimans 'History of Galway' and 'Blake Family Records' and many other sources is included.
Ancient Galway families are included. Rare families found in Galway are given in this historic work too, some are found only once in the Co. Galway archives. Settler families from England, Scotland and the continent who subsequently arrive in Co. Galway are included.

Setting the StageThe following is taken from the introduction to this work, setting the stage for the many family history notes to follow: "Our story begins essentially after the Norman invasion of Ireland in the 12th century. This was a time of great upheaval and change in Ireland. There was no immediate impact on the people of Galway in the year of the invasion. In fact, it took some time before foreign troops set foot on Galway soil. In 1171 Strongbow landed at Waterford. It was not until the year 1178 that the English first set 'hostile foot in Connaught'. That incursion was successfully reupulsed however. The town of Galway had been rebuilt, and it was increasingly necessary to control Galway town in order to rule the province of Connaught. Centuries of conflict erupted as a result. The town of Galway would often stand against the rest of the County.
Burke Arrives Once the conflict began, the 'ferocious O'Flahertys' (chiefs before the arrival of the Normans), the Norman DeBurgos and Berminghams, the ruling O'Connors and O'Kellys, and the O'Briens of Clare would enter the fray. These are a few of the well known leading families that would be intertwined in battle. In the battles involving Galway, there were strange, shifting alliances. At times the leading Galway Irish families would ally themselves with the O'Briens of Clare in order to defend themselves from the ruling O'Connors of Connaught to their east. Sometimes the alliance was exactly the opposite! As the old Gaelic families began to be replaced, De Burgo (Burke) came to shelter and protect the crowded town of Galway. "

When needed, sources are given for further research on your family. Family castles, dates of occupation and locations are given. Ordinary Galway people, from the 17th to the 19th century are included as well.

Most Numerous Families The most common Galway families in modern times are given as:

Kelly (119)
Burke (89)
Conneely (89)
Joyce (85)
McDonagh (80)
Walsh (80)
Fahy (63)
Manion (59)
Flaherty (48)
Murphy (47)
Connolly (46)
Keane (40)
King (36)
Forde (35).
Connor (33)
Lyons (30).
Mullin (30).
Egan (28)
Kenny (27)
Toole (25)

Major Entries Among the many Galway families with major entries in this book are: Athy; Birmingham Bermingham; Blake; Bodkin; Browne; Burke; Cahill; Callanan; O' Colahan; Concannon; Conroy; O' Daly; Darcy; Deane; O Donnellan; O Flaherty; Font; French; O Halloran; O Hynes Hines; Joyce; O Kelly; Kenny Kenney; Kirwan; Lally; Lynch; O' Madden; Mannion; Martin; Morris; Naughton; O' Shaughnessy; Skerrett....etc... there are hundreds of more names to list here but there is not enough time!

Specific Parish Names in County Galway
The parish is one of the most important geographical divisions in Ireland. The following parishes are found within the County Galway : Abbeygormacan, Abbeyknockmoy, Addergoole, Ahascragh, Annaghdown, Ardrahan, Athenry, Athleague, Aughrim, Ballindoon, Ballymacward, Ballynacourty, Ballynakill, Beagh, Belclare, Boyounagh, Bullaun, Cargin, Claregalway, Clonbern, Clonfert, Clonkeen, Clontuskert, Cong, Cummer, Donagh Patrick, Donanaghta, Drumacoo, Drumatemple, Duniry, Dunmore, Fahy, Fohanagh, Grange, Inishbofin, Inisheer, Inishmaan, Inishmore, Isertkelly, Kilbeacanty, Kilbegnet, Kilbennan, Kilchreest, Kilcloony, Kilcolgan, Kilconickny, Kilconierin, Kilconla, Kilconnell, Kilcooly, Kilcoona, Kilcroan, Kilcummin, Kilgerrill, Kilkerrin, Kilkilvery, Killaan, Killallaghten, Killannin, Killeany, Killeely, Killeenadeema, Killeenavarra, Killeenen, Killererin, Killeroran, Killian, Killimorbologue, Killimordaly, Killinan, Killinny, Killogileen, Killora, Killoran, Killoscobe, Killosolan, Killower, Killursa, Kilmacduagh, Kilmalinoge, Kilmeen, Kilmoylan, Kilquain, Kilreekil, Kiltartan, Kilteskil, Kilthomas, Kiltormer, Kiltullagh, Kinvarradoorus, Lackagh, Leitrim, Lickerrig, Lickmolassy, Liskeevy, Loughrea, Meelick, Monivea, Moycullen, Moylough, Moyrus, Omey, Oranmore, Rahoon, Ross, St. Nicholas, Stradbally, Taghboy, Templetogher, Tiranascragh, Tuam, and Tynagh. Please remember that place names and spellings have changed over time, so keep an eye out for minor changes in spelling when researching in Galway.

Barony Map of County Galway...........
Ortelius Map of Galway 1576..............
Armorial Bearings of Galway.............
Arms of Galway 'Tribes' (illus)..........
Early Families.............
Ancient Tribal Names.............
From Keatings History.........

Wild Geese.........
Viking and Norman Invasions)......
Galway Town 1610 A.D. (illus)......
Chieftains and Territories............
Claddagh (illus.)...........
Passenger List (illus)...........
Galway Names, Ships..........
Tracing Galway Roots
Spellings, Sources, Address List

Families of County Galway, Ireland.....
History and Locations Found.
(Listed in Alphabetical order, disregarding the
O', Mc, or Mac prefix before the name.)............

Galway Surnames
Map of Ancient Territories
Galway Placenames
Those Who Signed the Terms of Surrender
City of Galway Census
Blake Wills
List of Officials of Galway
Galway Sketches

Index of Names

Families on the 4 Masters Map What families were in the county in earlier days ? This might provide a clue to the locations of your family today. Here are some of the families given on the Map in the History of Ireland by the 4 Masters (Connellan translation. 2003, I.G.F.) E. = Earl, L.=Lord, C. = chieftain, V = Viscount, B.= Baron:
Birmingham, B. Blake, Baron Bodkin Browne, B. de Burgh (Burke) E. de Burgo, V. Burke, B. Burke, V. Butler, E. Darcy Deane Dillon, B. French Hughes (MacHugh) Joyce, C. Lynch Mac Conry, C. Mac Egan (Brehon) Mac Gildauff Mac Gillikelly Mac Hugh, C. Mac Hugh or Hughes Mac Tully Mac Ward Martin Morris Norton (ONaghten) C O' Brien, L. O' Cahill O' Callanan O' Canavan O' Cashin O' Cawley, C. O' Clery, L. O' Coffey O' Conealy O' Connell, C. O' Connolly O' Conor, C. O' Conor, P. Mac Nevin O' Cullen O' Daly, B. O' Donnellan, L. O' Donnell O' Doyle O' Dreenan O' Duane O' Duffy O' Fahy O' Feeney O' Flaherty, L. O' Gearan O' Gevany O' Halloran, C. O' Haverty, C. O' Heyne, P. O' Hoollaghan, C. O' Horan, C. O' Hynes O' Kean O' Kelly, P. O' Kirwan O' Larkin O' Leahan O' Lee O' Lennon O' Loman O' Madden, L. O' Maginn O' Manning, C. O' Moran O' Mullally, L. O' Mullarky O' Mulrooney O' Naghten (Norton) C. O' Scurry O' Shaughnesy, L. O' Sheehan O' Sullivan O' Toole O' Tormey O' Tracey Skerret, and Staunton.
The Final Word This is a one of a kind book. "Families of County Galway, Ireland" is hardbound and gold stamped, with a smyth sewn binding for a lifetime of use. Includes over 2,000 families and is a must have for anyone with family in Galway.

Specifications: 6" x 9" size; 207 pages; 40 illustrations; well indexed by surname. Includes Castles in County Galway; family seats of power; locations; variant spellings of family names; full map of County Galway, coats of arms, and sources for research. From ancient times to the modern day. First Edition in dust jacket. Author/Editor: Michael C. O'Laughlin. Please note that the first volume in the Irish Family Project, "The Book of Irish Families, great & small" has additional information on families in County Galway.


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