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A Return To Irish Roots DVD
A Return To Irish Roots DVD

Price with Black Amaray Case & Color covers: $19.95

Price with plain adhesive vinyl sleeve : $12.95

This interactive DVD ' A Return To Irish Roots': Genealogy, Song, History and Travel is hosted by Mike O'Laughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe.

It contains all 11 of these features :

Seven Genealogy/ History Video Shorts
  • Irish Roots Cafe Introduction
  • Book of Irish Families, great & small
  • The Irish Families Project
  • Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
  • Irish Families Broadcast
  • Irish in America Broadcast
  • Irish Song and Recitation Broadcast
3 Audio Broadcasts with Slide Shows
  • Danny Boy chat and sing show with Peter Adams.
  • Lost Tribes of the Irish in Georgia.
  • Irish DNA R1b, Vikings, Glennon.

DVD Back Cover
One Travel Video Home made video showing our early trips to Ireland circa 1984. Converted from old time tape !

About Your Hosts and Staff Michael O'Laughlin, your host, is the proprietor of the Irish Roots Cafe, the noted author, publisher and broadcaster.

Peter Reilly Adams is the noted singer, historian, teacher, and leader of touring groups to Ireland. He resides in Kansas City, Kansas today, and co-host of the Irish Song podcast. Here he performs Danny Boy.

Brandon Sieve is an upcoming writer, video producer and college student. He also shot the 7 video shorts on this DVD.

Amy McNeil is a regular at the Irish Roots Cafe and local artist.
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