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Irish Song and Recitation Festival at the Irish Roots Cafe #16

Due to popular demand by the friendly folks here
at the Cafe, I am required to sing a song of sorts,
or we will be boycotted !

Having never sung a song in public nor perhaps
ever sung a song completely in private, I have
had to develop a strategy to keep everyone happy
and in good spirits.

Here is my strategy carefully developed over the past
few months.  I will practice singing a song on this
broadcast today.  It is of historical nature, so even if the
singing is in need of development, there is some good
in it.  Lastly, I will sing part of it in the Irish language
(to the best of my ability ).  So that will further make
the song curious to many folks.

So, today we have three short versions fo the old Irish
tune known as The Spailpin Fanach, or the Wandering

The First is in the Irish language.
The Second is translated into English as I see it.
The Third is the song changed in America, with new words.

Listen to this Chat & Sing episode here:

This is a very rough cut, but will illustrate the
journey any given song may have taken into
modern times !

The selection of this song also fits the first CD that the
Irish Roots Cafe will release this fall. We will focus on
the songs of the Irish in the 1800’s in America and Ireland,
including a few in the Irish language.  Most of the songs
will be before the ‘Tin Pan Alley’ era in America, at least
for now !   The full version will be on our CD this fall.

Hope you will enjoy these few moments of song !
Thanks to Emily for monitoring this podcast. She will
report back to late night crowd at the cafe, that the
deed has been done……..for good or for ill….

Next week Emily will perform on the harp herself, so
be sure to come back for that on our next show !

The second season
of the Song and Recitation Festival.

We also reserve space for you to ‘phone it in’
if you missed the festival in person.  If you
have an Irish tune or recitation that has a
special meaning or memory for you, then
phone it in.  Drop me a line from our web page
at  phone  816-256-3360
We can all learn a bit from each other I think….
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