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Irish House band repeat performance (gaeilge)

One of a Kind performance
We’ve just started the Irish Roots Cafe
house band this year. In March we
gave the first all Irish language
shows in our area of the midwest.
(Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska,
and Arkansas).

Lawrence Activities
One our first shows was in Lawrence, Kansas
(home of KU and the jayhawks!).
Well, we’ve been called for a repeat
performance on Sept. 15, 2013 at
the Granada Theatre there.

Free Session too
An Irish session has started in Lawrence
of late, with musicians gathering at
Henrys on Sundays. Our performance is
on a Sunday too, so we plan to make a day
of it, and invite you to come along.
It is a one of a kind way to enjoy and
support the Irish tradition in Song.

Our Facebook event page
We hope some in this area of the states
will come and hear our performance and
support the development of our band.
You can keep updated and even sign up
for the event on Facebook here:

Band Members
Megan Illidge will be with us this time,
on the mandolin, fully recovered from surgery!
Stevie Wilson will return in full bloom
on the fiddle. (all of us do vocals).
Mike O’Laughlin (myself) will return as well,
with Sean Nós vocals and percussion.
We’ll have a guest performer on guitar.

Promise Clutter, and Laura Rhodes (dancer), are also
slated to appear, with specifics to come.

Reserve a spot today
This is a one of a kind chance to enjoy an old
style (Sean Nós), and traditional song show
completely in Irish. So come along and help
us make some history in Lawrence, KS on Sept. 15.
Doors open at 5:00. We need your support to
continue with our old style Irish performances.

Free entry to carpool drivers, and ticket
discount available from our Facebook page.
Irish musicians session is free as well.
Book it now and we’ll make a day of it for you !!!

All Support is Welcome
Hope to see you there, and let me know if you
can make it in support of Irish song & culture !

-Mike O’Laughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe
Irish Genealogical Foundation

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The Lynching of Danny Boy The Irish roots Cafe…….
Irish Song: Traditional & Sean Nós……

Danny Boy & me………
Every time out on holidays where you might find
old Irish songs being sung, I hear people say,
as I once did, ‘Oh, all that Danny Boy @!%#* ‘

Well, here is what I was told many decades ago,
and I kindly repeat it when the occasion arises.

( I know that some do not sing the song well,
and some do not show it respect when they sing it.
But this is about the song, not the singer.
This is to say why so many people respect it yet today,
despite the scornful ridicule heaped upon them.)

Taken From the liner notes to “Irish Song…
” ————————————————————————————-
“Oi, Mike O’Laughlin! Legal os vocais, gostamos! Parabéns!”
—  Geelumusic, São Paulo, Brasil., RN

Outside Ireland
Foolishly, I once remarked to my mother how out of touch and sentimental the old Irish songs were. Well, I was taught a quick lesson on that. It was not just the song itself, which was sung by people who lived a much harder life than I had. It was not just about our family who came from Ireland with the old ways. It was about all the people, all the times- good and bad, and the gatherings that went with it. From 19th century immigrant songs to Tin Pan Alley, the Irish way with a song was still with us – it was just growing in a different direction and with good reason ! My Lord, I stood on the shoulders of giants! From that moment on I realized why these songs touched the soul of millions of people, and I slandered them no more…. (I now understood, and included ‘Danny Boy’ on my first album, some 40 years later).

“Dear Mike, What a beautiful vocals, touches my heart…”
—  Ryo Utasato (Tokio, Japan), RN

I have no more to add, but am thankful
that I had the notion to take a 2nd look….

-Mike O’Laughlin

P.S. The Company He Keeps (#4), Tracks of my album ‘Irish Song..’ below:
Album Sequence; alternate titles; and duration:

1) ‘Sí do mhaimeo í (She’s Your Granny) (Irish Wedding Song) 1:24
2) Come with me Over the Mountain 3:15
3) Óró, Sé do Bheatha ‘Bhaile! (Oro, you are welcome home) ! 2:12
4) Danny Boy 2:49
5) Slán agus Beannacht (Goodby and farewell) 2:24
6) The Boys of Mullaughbawn 3:18
7) Bean Pháidín ( I wanna be Paddys Girl), (Paddys Wife) 1:33
8) The Rocks of Bawn 4:03
9) Sadhbh NÍ Bhruinneallaigh (1:53
10) The Farmer Michael Hayes 3:00
11) Skibbereen 6:12
12) An t-Úll (The Apple) 2:17
13) My Name is Paddy Leary (Off to Philadelphia) 4:05
14) Róisin Dubh (My Little Black Rose) 2:34
15) The Kelly Song; (Too Many Kelleys) 2:21

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