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Irish House Band Update
Our newly formed Irish House band launched
successfully this year, and it is the first
band to perform all Irish language shows
in the midwest, as a matter of fact, I’ve
never heard of it done before in the U.S.
at all! (but I am sure someone has done it?)
The old style Irish songs date back as far as
the 16th century according to some accounts

Sean Nós and Traditional
We perform all Irish language shows, as well
as shows of traditional Irish songs in English.
Of course, we can mix the two as needed for
the occasion! Our current permanent house
members, all of whom do vocals, include:
Mike O’Laughlin also on percussion; Megan
Illidge on Mandolin; and Stevie Davis on

March Launch, Seachtaine na Gaeilge
Below are the first performances we made
in March, all of which were well received in
both Irish and English language formats!
We also played our part in ‘Irish Language Week’
(more like Irish Language month!), and offered to
teach the audience an Irish song or two…
best we could….:

Our Irish Gigs for March 2013

Irish Roots Cafe March 2013 Schedule
Feb. 23 – Browne’s Marketplace KCMO
March 1 -Crossroads Coffeehouse KCMO
March 2 – St. Andrews church (Gladstone)
March 9 – Browne’s Marketplace KCMO
March 9 – Gaelic Mass. KCMO
March 10 – Immaculate Conception/Louisburg, KS
March 16 – Celtic Ranch, Weston, MO
March 23 – The Granada in Lawrence, KS

at the Irish Roots Cafe
Recording Session Tomorrow
After that opening month, we decided to take
a 30 day break, and are now recording an album
that’s been in the works awhile. (We will of
course, break from recording sessions to
play for you if you’d like!)

Genealogy too!
I made Irish genealogy resources available at
several of our performances – including books
and maps – It’s a habit I can’t seem to break,
and all part of the historical context of what
we do. Speaking of genealogy, that is how I
was introduced to old style Irish song, and
my first reason for appearing at Irish events
around the country.

Irish Festival Season
With the Irish Fests coming up shortly, I should note
that I have sung Sean Nós style songs at the
Dublin Irish Festival tent for Sean Nós; and at the
ceili for the Louisville, KY. Irish Fest.
Hope to return this year, and get the whole group
to perform there too – soon! Two great events to be sure…

Here are links to the Irish Roots Cafe House Band:

We’ll be getting more videos up of the entire band in the future!

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Irish Song The Irish Roots Cafe

Todays Selection: Róisín Dubh
(see also My little Dark Rose; My Dark Rosaleen;
Little Black Haired Rose……)

Listen to Todays Song Video on:
You Tube:

This old tune has been tied by some back to the 16th century
and Red Hugh O’Donnell. It is said to represent both a
lament for the love of a woman and the loss of Ireland

Universal Appeal
Well known in all 4 provinces of Ireland, various lyrics
and singing styles have been used for this song. The
style I use when singing this song, is in the tradition
of Joe Heaney of Galway. (The Blackbird family version
or style.)

A Personal Note
For me it brings to mind the great loss of Irish life
and culture in the 17th century. The flight of the
Earls, the Battle of the Boyne, The Treaty of Limerick,
Cromwell, and the mass exodus of tens of thousands
to the continent. This helps explain the many who are
tracing Irish ancestors in Europe today.

Here are the relatively abbreviated lyrics:

Róisín Dubh lyrics
A Róisín ná bíodh brón ort ná cás anois
Tá do phardún ón bPápa ón Róimh uile
Tá na bráithrí thar sáile le cabhrú linn
Ná ceiligí fíon Spáinneach ar mo Róisín Dubh.

Beidh an Éirne na tonna tréana s beidh an spéir ina fuil
Beidh na bráithrí thar sáile le cabhrú linn
Beidh gach gleann sliabh ar fud Éireann is móin ar crith
Lá éigin sula n-éaga mo Róisín Dubh.

About Mike O’Laughlin and the Cafe:
The most published author in his field. 
Mike is a one of a kind resource. He has authored
12 hardbound books; 34 Irish County research guides,
20 CD’s/videos, 300 podcasts, 7 broadcast series’, and
hundreds of articles. O’Laughlin also publishes rare
works like ‘The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’;
and ‘Missouri Irish’ (60 works in all, since 1978). His
personal library of 3,000 history and genealogy books
is consulted daily. See his works at

Mike sings in Irish, Sean Nós style, in the house band
for the Irish Roots Cafe, ‘Sean Nós Abú’. They now rank
#1 in the U.S. on Reverbnation as a Celtic band.
Traditional Songs are sung in both Irish and English
language by this talented band of acoustic enthusiasts.
Session performances are informal, in the Sean Nós tradition.
see more:

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