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The Irish Families Project began some 30 years ago and is now complete.
It gives us genealogy resource books for every county in Ireland.
A 34 book set, edited and compiled by Michael O’Laughlin, It is the first
complete set of its kind ever in print. Below are links for each county
in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Several counties have 2 volumes.

County……..Link to click
Antrim: County Antrim Genealogy
Armagh: County Armagh Genealogy
Carlow: Co. Kildare..Wick..Carlow
Cavan: Co. Cavan, Leitrim Genealogy
Clare (1):County Clare, Genealogy
Clare (2): County Clare Genealogy
Cork (1): Families of Co. Cork
Cork (2): County Cork genealogy
Derry: County Derry Genealogy
Donegal (1): Families of Donegal
Donegal (2): Co. Donegal Genealogy
Down: County Down Genealogy
Dublin (1): Families of Co. Dublin
Dublin (2): Dublin County/city Gen…
Fermanagh: Fermanagh & Louth Gen…
Galway (1): Families of Galway
Galway (2): Co. Galway, Genealogy
Kerry (1): Families of Kerry
Kerry (2): County Kerry Genealogy
Kildare: Co. Kildare, Wick, Carlow
Kilkenny: County Kilkenny Genealogy
Kings: Kings Co., Queens Co. Gen…
Leitrim: Co. Cavan, Leitrim Genealogy
Limerick (1): Families of Co. Limerick
Limerick (2): Co Limerick Genealogy
Longford: County Longford Genealogy
Louth: Fermanagh & Louth Genealogy
Mayo: County Mayo Genealogy
Meath: Meath, Westmeath Genealogy
Monaghan: Co. Monaghan Genealogy
Offaly: Kings and Queens Co.
Queens: Kings and Queens County
Roscommon: Co. Roscommon Genealogy
Sligo: County Sligo Genealogy
Tipperary: County Tipperary Genealogy
Tyrone: County Tyrone Genealogy
Waterford: County Waterford Genealogy
Westmeath: Meath, Westmeath Gen…
Wexford: County Wexford Genealogy
Wicklow: Co. Kildare..Wicklow..Carlow

Most of the works above are available directly from the Irish Roots Cafe
and from Amazon. All volumes are available now, some books may
go out of print by the end of the year. A special thank you to all members
and patrons of the Irish Genealogical Foundation since 1978.
It was only with your help that these basic primers were created !


Mike O’Laughlin

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