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Irish Song and Recitation Festival at the Irish Roots Cafe #17

Todays Chat and Sing with Emily Wyatt:

Emily Wyatt will perform on the Harp for us today.
Emily has been awarded the O’Carolan certificate
for best new performer at this years Irish Song
and Recitation festival.

The song for the day is ‘Molly Malone’
well known for
generations in Ireland and America. We are not quite
sure of Mollys true identity, or if she is a composite
creation of myth and song. This song is sometimes
said to be the anthem for the City of Dublin, and a
statue in Mollys honor stands in that ‘fair city’ to this day.

You will also hear some of the works by the famous
Irish harpist, Turlough O’Carolan as interpreted by
Ms. Wyatt.  Note also the tune of O’Keanes Lament,
with ties perhaps to Russia and Ireland !

Our thanks to Emily for participating in the festival,
and for appearing on this podcast..

Listen to this Chat & Sing episode here on Monday:

Length of todays show: 17:31

This is The second season
of the Song and Recitation Festival.

We also reserve space for you to ‘phone it in’
if you missed the festival in person.  If you
have an Irish tune or recitation that has a
special meaning or memory for you, then
phone it in.  Drop me a line from our web page
at  phone  816-256-3360
We can all learn a bit from each other I think….
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