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The Irish Roots Cafe
Louisville Irish Fest Events

The Louisville Irish Fest
We are returning to the Louisville Irish
Fest next week (Sept. 27, 28, 29). It is
held both indoors and outdoors, in a great
setting at Bellarmine University in Louisville,
Kentucky. On Friday night is the ceili that
begins at 7 p.m.. We will try to make that
this year as well !

The Irish Roots Cafe
The Irish Roots Cafe exhibit and consultation
booth will be inside, starting at 11:00 on
Saturday, the 28th of September. I will
be making an Irish Family History / genealogy
presentation for those that wish to attend
at 12:00 on Saturday.
We will remain at the fest, till Sunday at
6:00, when festivities are halted !

Final Launch of Irish Families
Louisville is also our final launch, nationally,
for the ‘Book of Irish Families, great & small
4th edition (2013). We will have the book on
hand for sale and review, along with our complete
34 book set, organized by Irish county. We began
the launch in Kansas City at Brownes Irish Market;
continued on at the Dublin, Ohio Irish Fest; and
the final launch and display takes place this last
weekend of September in Louisville !

More Activities
There will be plenty of music and other activities.
Indoors at Wyatt Hall, there will be History talks
on Gettysburg and the Irish Brigade; The Good Friday
Agreement; 1798 Rebellion; The Irish in Louisville;
and the Irish Civil War.
Outside will host the Society for Creative Anachronism;
the childrens area, and Mass will be on Sunday at 6:00
at Bellarmine’s chapel, and a shuttle transport is
provided for those not up to a little hill climbing !

About the author
Mike O’Laughlin, “the Worlds leading expert in Irish Roots”
according to IrishCentral in 2011, is author of 60 books;
8 CD’s; 30 videos; 200 podcasts; and is a Sean Nós singer
in the Irish Language. To browse his works, go to The Irish Roots Cafe. online.

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The Irish Song and Recitation Festival Inviting You
From the Irish Roots Cafe at

Announcing season 3
The Irish Song and Recitation fest onliine.
This years call is for old style Irish, Sean Nós, songs.
Listen to my audio announcement here:

We will record you singing an Irish song,  Sean Nós style.
Three ways to get your song on our broadcast:
1) I can record you at the Irish Roots cafe.
2) I can record you via the phone or Skype.
3) You can send an mp3 file.

We also would like the following info:
1) your name as the artist
2) The name of the song.
3) The lyrics used
4) How and why you came to like the song. (optional)

Grand Champion
We will be naming the top 10 submissions, and the Grand Champion for this year.

We welcome all levels
of experience, including beginners.

Now Recording.
This event is intended to promote the old style of Irish
song known as Sean Nós.  I will be available to record
your submissions until Sept. 15.  All submissions may
appear on the Irish Song and Recitation Festival
broadcast, at our discretion.  Make your entry now, the
sooner the better.  It’s all for free, and it’s all for fun.

Contact Me Now
Contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or on the contact link
on my web page at

Samples of Sean Nós
You may sing in Irish or English, as long as it is in the
old Irish style. Progressive forms accepted as well.
There are samples of Sean Nós songs on my web pages
and on Youtube and Facebook.  Here are some links of

My home page on Sean Nós

Facebook event page for this festival

Join up on our Sean Nós fan page on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=117709528260564

Listen to the early ‘Irish Song’ broadcast series here:

Hope you’ll be singing or listening in, to season 3,
on the Irish Song and Recitation Festival.

We’ll have a K.C. Irish Sean Nós session at the conclusion as well !
We have free sessions on Genealogy; Song; Travel;
Language and History at the Hedge School:
The Irish Roots Cafe has 7 Broadcast series, including :

The History of Ireland
Irish in America
Irish Video Shorts
Irish Song and recitation
Irish Family History and genealogy
Irish Family History photo enhanced with links.

All available on the iTunes Irish provider page (click below):
Contact Us

You can reach the Irish Roots Cafe on Twitter; Facebook;; and by mail at our U.S. location:

Mike O’Laughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe
Box 7575
Kansas City, Missouri 64116
Leave a message on our Phone (816) 256-3360

Sponsors Welcome.
Remember to keep the hedge growing –
with your donation, subscription or membership.
– Thank you.

You can reach us for speaking engagements,
exhibits, and educational events. Since 1978.
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