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From the Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School           Mike O’Laughlin

Author Central Irish Genealogy Resource Link:

New: About the Author
Amazon is launching an app that will be helpful
to researchers on Kindle.  Its a resource that works
on your desktop computer, now adapted for Kindle.
(Based upon existing author direct pages.)

Here is the release I just received from Amazon:

“When readers find a book interesting, they oftentimes look for more
information about the author. We’ve developed a new feature for Kindle
Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD to help those readers – About the Author.

About the Author gives readers easy access to your photo, biography, and
bibliography so they can learn more about you and your other books, which
are only 60 seconds away.  Readers can tap on any of your books to go to
the Kindle Store.  Also, any time you update your bio or claim a new book
through Author Central, we will update About the Author on Kindle so your
readers have access to the most recent information about you. ”

Better Genealogy Every Day !
One more resource to make finding information easier, and we have
all 60 of our Irish genealogy and history books or so already in the program.
This sounds like one more resource to make our lives easier when researching.
(Most of our titles can be searched online with this program.)

Irish Roots Cafe & Hedge School News
1) We have the first upgrade to in place now.

2) Our next live event will be in Louisville, KY the weekend of the
28th of September.  Singin’ on Friday, consulting and exhibiting
on Saturday and Sunday at Bellermine University:

3) Our summer vacation ends soon, and we’ll be increasing
our podcasts and regular blogs shortly !

Mike O’Laughlin
Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School Update



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Irish Genealogy and Song at Irish Festivals in the U.S.

From the Irish Roots Cafe
Breaking our 14 year rule, we will be consulting or
performing at two Irish Festivals this Year. We do
offer the services below for Irish Festivals and events.
But first, we are excited to announce our appearances at:

1) The Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival, Coffman Park,
August 3,4 & 5, 2012
(Our 14th genealogy exhibit/consult here !)

2) The Louisville, KY Irish Fest, Sept 28-30, Bellermine Univ.,
for our Genealogy exhibit, consultation,
and Sean Nós singing is being planned !

The scoop on what we offer an Irish festival:

Irish Festival Genealogy and Song Attractions
The Irish Roots Cafe, and Author Mike O’Laughlin.
Consult. exhibit, and perform for your festival attendees.

Displays (examples):
Thousands of dollars worth of Irish Books/CDs:
– Our Irish Genealogy books for all 32 Irish counties;
– The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters;
– Hedge School CDs for genealogy; history; song; language
– Books in the Irish Language

Other aids For research & browsing:
-The Book of Irish Families great & small (for reference)
-The Irish Census of 1659 surname location Index
-The 1890 Birth Index of Ireland
-The Irish Book of Arms
-DNA applications and applicators !

Displays and Charts like:
– Irish Coats of Arms from the Irish Book of Arms
– The ancient Ortelius surname map of Ireland

Free Print Outs:
– Your surname and which books it appears in,
including the specific county book(s) and the Annals.

The topics of Irish Genealogy; History; Language
and Song are available. (introductory)

Free Festival Podcast:
We can podcast on location from your event and
promote your festival with advance publicity with
our blogs and broadcasts.

Irish Fest Song Sessions (Sean Nós style)
Mike sings in Irish, Sean Nós style, in the house band
for the Irish Roots Cafe, ‘Sean Nós Abú’, ranking #1 in
the U.S. on Reverbnation in 2012 as a Celtic group.
(that and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee! but still….

Traditional and Intimate settings.
Traditional Songs are sung in both Irish and English
language by this talented band of acoustic enthusiasts.
Session performances are informal, in the Sean Nós
tradition. Sung solo or in a group acoustic session.
In the end, it’s about the song and the history, not the singer.
We make no claims of greatness as singers !
To quote Mike ” We normally sing Sean Nós in a
traditional manner, informal, most often seated,
and within the audience. Usually the songs are
scattered, rather than a continuous performance,
but can do a formal introductory song, and then
do more seated within the audience. With the Irish
song – anything might happen !”
Band info:

About Mike O’Laughlin and the Cafe:
The most published author in his field. 
Mike is a one of a kind resource. He has authored 12 hardbound books;
34 Irish County research guides, 20 CD’s/videos, 300 podcasts,
7 broadcast series’, and hundreds of articles. O’Laughlin also publishes
rare works like ‘The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters'; and
‘Missouri Irish’ (60 works in all, since 1978). His personal library
of 3,000 history and genealogy books is consulted daily.

Irish Roots 
Mike descends from O’Loughlin of Kilfenora, County Clare,
and O’Donahue of Glenflesk, County Kerry, with Sullivan,
Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. His Irish
tours and import catalogue began in the 80’s as a result of
his family history research.

On The Web
O’Laughlin founded the Irish Roots Cafe and as
a pioneer on the internet 3 decades ago. Receiving millions of
hits yearly, the focus is on Irish Genealogy; Song; History and
Language. Mike began the first ever Irish genealogy podcast
in 2006, and now has 7 different Irish shows. He has been
awarded the status of an official iTunes provider !

Mike sings in Irish, Sean Nós style, in the house band for the
Irish Roots Cafe, ‘Sean Nós Abú’. They ranked #1 in the U.S.
on Reverbnation in 2012 as a Celtic group. Traditional Songs
are sung in both Irish and English language by this talented
band of acoustic enthusiasts. Session performances are
informal, in the Sean Nós tradition.

National Public Radio & television; Irish hedge school seminars;
Grand Marshall and judge in St. Patricks Day parades; Dublin
Irish Festival for 13 years; Louisville Irish Fest (2012); and as
a founding member of Irish cultural, bagpipe, and dance groups.

Thanks! and we hope to see you at Dublin, OH. and
Louisville, KY Irish festivals this year !

Listen to our free broadcast Today:
On at:
on iTunes at:

For all of our podcast channels
see the iTunes Irish Provider Page (click below):


  The #1 Celtic band in the U.S.
(Top National rank on Reverbnation 4/25/2012)
  We specialize in Sean Nós Song, in Irish,
  as well Irish Ballads in the English Language.
  Check out our band page on Reverbnation
  by clicking the picture on the left !

   Our ‘band’ name is set up as ‘Sean Nós Abu’
   Sean Nós means ‘old style’. Abu is a war cry !
   We are the house band for the Irish Roots Cafe

Contact Us
You can reach the Irish Roots Cafe on Twitter; Facebook;; and by mail at our U.S. location:

The Irish Roots Cafe
Box 7575
Kansas City, Missouri 64116

Sponsors Welcome.
Remember to keep the hedgerow growing –
with your donation, subscription or membership.
– Thank you, Mike O’Laughlin

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