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Podcast 212 – From the Irish Roots Cafe
Irish Family History shownotes.

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Immigration and Distribution of the Irish in America
I opened this chapter of the book,
with the quote from a leader of the day:

“The first coming in large numbers were from Ireland….
Brave by nature, inured to poverty and hardship…Quickly
following the Irish were the Germans… There is much
that they can copy from the Irish, and much that the
Irish can learn from the Germans”. -Bishop McQuaid

German and Irish
…..The two main groups moving into Missouri in the
1800’s were the Irish and the Germans, by 1900 one-half
of Missouris foreign born were German…. The Irish had
always settled in St. Louis, and indeed St. Louis was the
largest foreign born populated city in the nation at one

Two major routes were used to arrive here, before the
coming of the Railroad, By ship from New Orleans up
the Mississippi to St. Louis, and by wagon from the
eastern seabord. The Ohio River was often used…..

Early Settlements
In the 1700’s a considerable number settled in Perry
County, a few families had settled near the Missouri
River, in mining districts, and in St. Louis at that time…
Some of the early settlers in Jefferson County included
the Huskeys, McCormacks, Clains, McMillens, Donnels,
and Pounds..settled on agricultural lands…

Considerable numbers were settled in Perry County on
the Barrens…..(The Irish Wilderness, Edina, Donnybrook,
and many other areas and areas are given in the book)…

Admitted to the Union
When Missouri was admitted to the Union in 1821, among
the designs and banners displayed…was that of the
American Eagle atop an Irish harp. Fitting symbolism…..
(end of extracts from ‘Missouri Irish, the original history’

The above are just a few examples, the audio is approx. 1 hour long.

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