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My Irish Genealogy Course

Includes 2 sessions: Morning and Afternoon
Duration: 5 Hours total (includes both sessions.)
Includes admission to the Irish festival on Friday

Dublin Irish Festival Academy
Dublin Ohio

Friday, August 6

Now You Can Register Online at:

Some of What We Will Have on Hand:
1) Irish DNA Tests, how and why ( with demonstration)
2) Record and Broadcast your genealogy at the Irish Roots Cafe
3) Irish Famine era and immigration, U.S., Canada, Australia….
4) 17th century and great change in Land ownership.
5) Wild Geese sent to Europe after Treaty of Limerick
6) Basic Research techniques
7) Research Library with over $1,000 worth of Irish books on hand.
8) Irish Hedge Schools
9) Viking, Norman, English, Scots bloodlines in Ireland
10) Irish Settlement in America
11) In person research techiques
12) The Spelling of Irish Names and much more

This is my last presentation for the year, Let me know if you are attending !

Michael C. O’Laughlin
Irish Genealogical Foundation
Irish Roots Cafe

About the Irish Roots Café
The Irish Roots Cafe is a world leader in Irish genealogy and history, with a monthly audience of over 100,000 listeners. Host Michael O’Laughlin is the worlds most published author in the field of Irish genealogy, with 40 books; hundreds of newsletters; 250 broadcast episodes and 20 videos to his credit.

One of A Kind
O’Laughlin produced the first Irish Family history broadcast series in 2006; publishes
classic works like the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters; and recently completed the 34 book set known as the Irish Families Project.

Free Audio Broadcasts
The 7 existing ‘Irish radio shows’ at and on iTunes include:
Family History and Genealogy;
Irish in America;
Irish Language;
History of Ireland;
Irish Song & Recitation.

Projects for 2010
Three New Projects for this year include:
1) Irish genealogy DNA book; (working on it )
2) Sean Nós old style Irish Song session; ( done )
3) Irish Language for beginners (podcast done )
4) Irish Hedge School classes ( done )

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The Irish Genealogy and History Podcast. week 118
From the Irish Roots Cafe Broadcast Network.

Among Todays Topics:

1)  The Irish Family Name of the Week is:  Brannagan
2)   Packing List for your trip to Ireland
3)  The Book of the Month is:  King James Irish Army List
4)  Searching:  Moriarty, Corrigan, Erwin, Smyth
5)  10 Blogs for Genetic Genealogy
6)  Forced out of school for wearing a kilt.
7)  10 Best Summer Festivals in Ireland

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:            1:09
Notes from Mike:               1:47
Book of the Month:            3:52
The Magnificent Seven:      6:29
Irish Name of the Day:     10:05
Websites of the Week:      12:49
Curious News and Notes: 15:31

Time: 21:55

Notes This Week:

1)  Well I can’t verify this personally but has
named the Blarney Stone as the worlds #1 germ filled attraction,
based upon the fact that 400,000 or so kiss that rock every
year !  I would think that zoo’s would rank right up there too.

2)  Also have been forwarded an article on Irish American Funeral
Traditions from
I think we have all heard of an Irish wake….

3) A note on Canadian family tree research… has
released the census returns for 1861, 1871, aand 1881, so if
your looking in that area of the world it should be of interest.

4) Get free genealogy charts online here:

Book of the Month:
King James Irish Army List
includes ‘wild geese’ of Ireland in foreign lands

What It Is
‘King James’ Irish Army List’ ‘is a singular mass of family history and
information illustrating the lineage, honours and achievements of
families connected with Ireland by birth, rank, title or alliance which
took the author over 50 years to compile’. Many of his sources are
now lost to time, but this work survives and is a gold mine for
Hardbound and Complete; with the expanded surname index available
only in this 20th century IGF edition, including names that were not
indexed in the original edition, the hardbound work entitled ‘King
James’ Irish Army List 1689′. It has 1000 pages of historical research,
and methodically lists each unit and individual with family history as
available. Includes clan history of the day often going back for
generations. This classic work of Irish Family History traces the
history of the original ‘Wild Geese of Ireland making a valuable
historical and military contribution.

.This is the only 20th century production of this edition ever published.
Much is contained here on the families that remained behind in Ireland.
Ancient genealogical and historical illustrations are included. For Irish
families D’Alton concentrates particularly on early locations. Families
who came to Ireland from England and Scotland are often given origins
and dates of arrival. Rare records, including the military lists are included. Dedicated to the family history of each of the Wild Geese of Ireland.

The Wild Geese
These ‘wild geese’ were a body of 30.000 – 40,000 Irish who had been
plundered of their estates. They left Ireland under different leaders,
and entered the service of France, Spain, Austria and Venice. The
‘Wild Geese’ of Ireland are each documented here by name. (Every
family from 70 regiments is D’Altons starting point.) For each family
D’Alton gives historical and genealogical illustrations. For Irish families
he concentrates particularly on ancient locations. For families who
came to Ireland from England and Scotland, he often gives the place
from which they came and at what date
D’Alton, dedicated to the ancient family history of each of the Wild
Geese of Ireland, takes each family into to the 17th century confiscations
and Acts of Settlements down to the 1800’s as possible. The information
in this work will link Irish families together worldwide back to the
homeland. Only this edition contains 400 surnames missed in the
original surname index.
Included among these Wild Geese are over 70 regiments,; family
histories including the family in Ireland and abroad; Old Irish Families;
some Scots-Irish Families; and other Settler Families. 1,000 pages.

Coming Up:
Joe Waldis bags a big one

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) Francis Moriarty of Middleboro, MA your birth index and your
County Kerry Genealogy and Family History Notes has shipped.

2) Maureen Martineau of Tingwick, Quebec, Canada,
Your County Tipperary Genealogy and Family History Notes shipped !

3) Welcome New member DebraJane Dunoskovic of West Burke, VT !

4) Diana Corrigan of Cache, OK, welcome as a gold member searching
for: Corrigan, Armstrong and Haskin

5) William R. Erwin, Jr. of Durham, NC, welcome as a gold member.
I am 5th generation from John Erwin (c.1780-1840) & wife Margaret
Scott? (c.1780-1850s) of County Down, migrated to Jefferson Co.,
Alabama. DNA verified to Erwins of Ballykeel Lougherne, descendents
still in area & known.
The large Erwin family of Burke Co., NC, and that of John Thomas
Erwin in Ontario, Can., are also closely connected by DNA.

6) Karen Smyth of Mountain View, CA welcome as a new member searching for Smyth. I am headed to Belfast for a week in July.
I have some family research completed. I know my great great
great grandfather Samuel Smyth arrived in Canada during famine.
He was married Oct. 20 1842 to Mary Newton at St. Andrews
Church in Kingston Ontario (not sure if she too came from N.
Ireland) I have been told that my family was from County Down,
N. of Newcastle. While i’m in N. Ireland I would love to take a day
trip there, an possibly find some reconnection (parish, something
relating specifically to my family)

7) Edith Bader of San Jose CA, welcome as a member and your Irish Famiies  and County Kildare genealogy and family history notes have shipped.

Check out our online search list at:

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of members searching for Brannagan….:

Related Spellings of the Name
O’Brannigan, Branigan, Brannigin, Brannagain, Brannigane,

Varient Spelling Groups: #2112. 2027, 149, 155, 2121
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
The Brannigan name is said to have been taken from O’Brannagain
most anciently, and the family is found in Armagh and Monaghan
in the 1890 birth index.  Spelled as Branagan the name is given in
Dublin at that time.
In more modern times the name is found centered near Drogheda,
Co. Louth, and some of the name are found in Kilkenny as well.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1)   Not found in old section of the Irish Book of Arms.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
What Irish City will host the World Dwarf Games in July ?

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family name several times
including the following examples :

1)  O’Brannigan in Co. Kilkenny genealogy and family history notes
2)  O’Brannigan in Co. Armagh genealogy “
3)  O’Brannigan in Co. Monaghan genealogy “
4)  Brannigin in The Families of County Dublin, Ireland
5)  Brannigan in the Birth Index of Ireland

Websites of the Week:

1)  Cobh Heritage Center, (Queenstown, County Cork)

2)  10 Best Summer Festivals in Ireland
The Wicklow Arts Festival; Drogheda Arts Festival; Volvo Ocean Race Stopover & Festival; Dublin Docklands Maritime Festival; AIB Street Performance World Championships; Waterford Spraoi Festival; Galway Arts Festival; Castle Palooza, Co Offaly; Kilkenny Arts Festival; Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures.

3)  10 Great Blogs for Genetic Genealogists
DNA – Genealem’s Genetic Genealogy
Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog
European Genetics and Anthropology Blog
Eye on DNA
Genetic Future
Megan’s Root World
The Daily Scan
The Personal Genome
The Spittoon

Also to be included
The Genetic Genealogist

Curious News and Notes

1)  Top 5 Wierd Irish Bars
Bad Irish bar in Boise, Idaho for starters…

2)  22 volume, Dictionary of the Scots Language online.
Electronic version of two major works.

3)  Our friends at Irish Fireside have a packing list for Ireland:

4)  Principal apologizes for forcing student out of kilt at school.

5)  50th Annual Rose of Tralee Festival this August.
Street festival always a big part of the event.  Major events are to be
held in the Dome.  The black tie Rose Ball is the highlight to be
held on Friday, August 21.

6) Half ton shark caught of the coast of County Clare, setting a record.
70 year old Joe Waldis  bagged a 1,056 pound shark, using an 80#
line. Picture and story on Irish Central.–49103461.html

7) Belfast will host the World Dwarf Games beginning July 27.
Over 200 contestants from 15 countries will take part.
The first World Dwarf Games were held in Chicago in 1993.

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About Your Host
A one of a kind resource, Mike is the most published author
his field including numerous hard bound books; guides;
newsletters; podcasts; videos and hundreds of articles.
Today, he hosts the first weekly broadcast on Irish Family
History at

The founder of the Irish Roots Cafe, he also publishes
great works of history, including ‘The Annals of Ireland by
the Four Masters’; and Keatings ‘History of Ireland’.

He recently completed the Irish Families Project,
a 34 book set on Irish Family History, published by the Irish
Genealogical Foundation.
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