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Two notes of interest for family researchers and
genealogy in Australia.

1) Irish Families Project in Australia
Gould Genealogy of Australia is now to be
offering the complete Irish Families Project –
That is the complete 34 book set on Irish Family
History, including the lead title, ‘Irish Families,
great and small’.  This includes books on every
county in Ireland, very helpful for those in search
of the Irish heritage.  The first shipment is en route
now, and it is the first time offered locally in Australia.
Here are some of the county books in the Irish Famiiles Project:

2) Earl Grey brings Irish Girls.
While working on our newest, yet to be released
broadcast series, I was reminded of the Earl Grey
scheme.  This plan brought some 4000 orphan girls,
age 14-20 to Australia from the Poor Law Work
Houses in Ireland during the famine. A quick
search of the web will bring up several web sites and
records of individuals involved.  We’ll have more on
this later.


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