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Interview with Zlata Filipovic in Dublin, Ireland.
Researcher for Blood of the Irish ( DVD released).
2 hour documentary. RTE. Crossing the Line Films.
Winner of Irish Film and Television Awards.

Irish Family History and Genealogy
with curious news and notes from Ireland.
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Episode 153  Advance notes for Mondays show.
Todays Topic at the Irish Roots Cafe.

Random notes on Todays Broadcast Interview

Today we talke with Zlata, who was researcher for the 2 hour
series on the origins of the Irish and how Irish DNA played
a determining factor.

Bosnia to Ireland.
Zlata was originally from Bosnia, but has relocated to Ireland
for 15 years.  She has studied genetics and social anthropology.
We talk about about different places in the world and how it
compares to Ireland.  She notes a similar feeling from the
people of Bosnia and Ireland, despite superficial differences.

‘Y’ DNA Markers
We also discuss genetic markers which make DNA so useful
to us. They relied a bit upon the research already done at
Trinity College Dublin, and studies done in Northwest Ireland.

O’Neill connection
She spoke of the genetic signature which has had a great
influence on the Irish in the north, from ‘Neil of the 9 Hostages’
around the 5th century AD.  We also note the R1b marker and
M222 of more recent discovery.  The connection to the Basque
people is remarkable.

The Basque
Those who survived the Ice Age in the Basque area of Spain
and France, are those closest related to the Irish. The
connection dates back some 8,000 years.  We also note the
DNA found in Irish caves dating back thousands of years.
That includes bear DNA and human DNA.
It is notable that the Viking connections are fewer than earlier
thought, as we have noted in earlier episodes of this podcast.

The Black Irish and the Spanish Armada
The Spanish Armada has generally been exaggerated over time,
as far as being the origin of the ‘Black Irish’ in the west of Ireland.
They actually date back thousands of years earlier than the

Clare Bones
In a cave in Clare, an ancient childs bones were found and DNA
extracted and matched to living children in Clare.

An Irish Mystery
8,000 years back is as far as we can go back for known human
settlements in Ireland – but it is some 700,000 years for England !
That remains a mystery.

DVD Award
The DVD of this television series has now been released and tells
the story in a clear, professional manner.
DVD available at:

Liam Clancy Documentary
The same company, Crossing the Line Films, has also just finished
a documentary on Liam Clancy and the Clancy Brothers. Liam helped
with the project before his recent demise. That DVD is also available
on the CTLfilms website.

Our thanks to Zlata for the interview at the Cafe, and we hope
she will drop in again, after her next project.

-Mike O’Laughlin

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Irish Genealogy and Family History Podcast Shownotes. episode 131
From the Irish Roots Cafe at

Among Todays Topics:

1)   O’Keeffe is the Irish Family of the Day
2)   Long, Morris, Tode, McKelvey the sea captain, Creegan
3)   Record swimming record set at Irish lake
4)   Record Salmon caught at ‘Ministers Hole’
5)   Galway wants to end the silence
6)   Want to record oral history of the Irish ?
7)   African – Irish Caribbean

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:
Notes from Mike:
Book of the Month:
The Magnificent Seven:
Irish Name of the Day:
Websites of the Week:
Curious News and Notes:

Total Time:
Notes This Week:

1) The first actual Irish Hedge School Lesson is ready to go up
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Book of the Month:
The Families of the Clanna Rory in Ireland

“ This work is of interest to family researchers and
historians.  It is unique in its era, with the early
date of its appearance (1864), and in its subject
matter of the Clanna Rory.
It came into print before the noted 19th century
work  ‘The Genealogical History of the Milesian
Families of Ireland’.  While the current volume
by Cronnelly does not have as many names or charts
as found in Milesians, it goes more into much more
depth for the families of the Clanna Rory.  In this,
the researcher will find more hope in uncovering
his family history.  Historians will also find more
material to prove or disprove, as the case may be.
Our thanks goes out to members of the Irish
Genealogical Foundation who have made the
reprinting of these two historical works possible.
Those involved with the study of Irish books and
family research will appreciate the rare nature of
this work published in 19th century Ireland.
The reader will note the imperfections on these
pages, which appear exactly as in the original in
our possession.  Surviving from the 19th to the
21st century, we hope you will allow for the
ravages of time.

Michael C. O’Laughlin”
Here is the index to this book:
O    More
O    Cronnlly
O    Dugan
O    Moran
O    Lennan
O    Casan
Mc    Gowan
Mc    Ward
Mc    Scanlan
O    Kenny
O    Lawlor
O    Lynch
O    Mannion
M’    Colreavy
Mc    Cartan
O    Carelon
Clan Fergus
O    Connors – Kerry
O    Conners- Cork
O    Loghlen- Burren
O    Kiely
M’    Shanly (Shanley)
Mc    Prior
O    Ferral (Farrell)
O    Roddy
Mc    Finvars
Mc    Cormick
Mc    Dorchy
Mc    Raghnaills
O    Quinn (Quin)
O    Mulvey
O    Neidhes
O    Conary
O    Diochallas
O    Maoletighsm
Mc    Keoghs
O    Beices
Mc    Maolisas
O    Dugan
O    Coscridhs
Mc    Rory
Rodgers (Rogers)
Ciarruighe Loch
Ciarruighe Ae
Ciarruighe Airteach
Cinel Buinne
Ui Liodan
Owny Deisceart
O    Drennan
Mc    Dubhains
Roderick the Great
Mac    Mullens
Clan Hugh
Guinness, B.
Hardy, Mr.
Arms of Magennis
O    Ferrall
O    Dempsey
M’    Rory
O    Neill, P.
M’    Mahon
O    Reilly, P.
Connolly, O.
Mac    Crossanes
arms of O’More
O    Cronnellys
O    Carrolls
arms of Cronnelly
O    Kellys
O    Dugan
O    Morans
O    Lennans
o    Casans
arms of O’Dugan
O    Loghlens
Mc    anGowan
arms of McGowan
O    Donnell
Ward, Hugh
red branch
O    Lynches
Mc    Roy
O    Donoghue
O    Manion
six Sodhans
O    Mainin
arms of Magin
M’    Revy
Mac    greevy
Craogh Ruadh
red branch
arms of McCartan
Mac    Cartan
O    Muldorry
o    Gormley
o    Murray
o    Carolan
Mac    Cabe, C.
O    Connor Kerry
O    Keeffe of Duhallow
O    Moriarty
Fitzgerald of Callan
o    Keeffe of Duhallow
Nagle, D.
Fitgibbon, J.
O    Donoghue Mor
O    Brien of Killaloe
Roche, U.
Fitzmaurice, J.
Mc    Carthy, T.
Mac    Mahon, W.
Sobieski, J.
O    Moriartys, the two
o    Connor Kerry
O    Loghlens
O    Donagan, M.
arms of O’Loghline
Coote, C.
mac    Sweeny
O    Brennan
O    Gara
M’    Carthy
O    Moriarty
Butler, T.
M’    Geraghtys
M’    Rannals
Analy Lords
clan Seaghan
O    Ferrall Ban
O    Ferrall Yellow
O    Ferrall septs
O    Rourke
Castle Forbes
arms of O’Ferrall
O    Rody
Mac    Rannall
Peyton, R.
Harwood, Mr.
Cope, Mr.
M’    Nevin
O    Cuinns
O    Drinans

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Coming Up:
African and Irish, need not apply

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) Renewing member Seamus Hojnowski of Philadelphia, PA.
your County Down genealogy book has shipped.
Alexander Long born killybegs {upper?] 1784 married Catherine Kilpatrick 1809 mountcharles
they had James or John in 1815 who married Isabella and had GGgrandpop George in 1849

2)  Welcome new member John Antony Tode of Upminster, UK.
I’m interested in the family of William Richard Morris (sea Captain)
who lived at 32 Warrens Place, Cork 16-08-1887. I have marriage certificate of daughter Jane Bridget Delaney to Carl W. G. Tode.

3)  Linda B. Kenison of Concord, NH your two County Cork
Genealogy books have shipped !

4)  Welcome New Member Anita McKelvey of Magog, QC, Canada
To find the name of James McKelvey born 1779, his wife was Jane

5)  Welcome new member Barbara Creegan of Basking Ridge, N.J. !
Our family surname is Creegan. We are trying to determine who
is coming to the U.S., when and from where in Ireland.

6)  Joanne Holland of Drain, OR, your Annals of Ireland by the
Four Masters, has shipped !

7)   Dr. King, of County Mayo, Ireland, your County Mayo Genealogy
and Family History notes has shipped !

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Irish Family Name of the Day: 829

Todays family history in honor of member:
Ciny Maree Johnson

Related Spellings of the Name

O’Keeffe, Keefe, Keife, Kiefe

Varient Spelling Groups:   979, 1671
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
The O’Keefe family has always been identified with Cork, and
they remained there in the 1890 index, with the majority of
Keeffe and O’Keeffe hailing from that county.  A surprising
number of families kept the ‘O’ prefix before the name at that
time, and even more have added the ‘O’ back in modern times…..
In the 17th century Keefe was a principal name of Kilkenny,
O’Keefe was so in Cork (and found in Limerick). ‘O’Kiefe served
as a principal name of Limerick and was also found in Clare.
In the past the most popular form of spelling the name has
included the double ‘e’ and double ‘f’ as in O’Keeffe.
Father Eoghan O’Keefe (d. 1726) was the president of the Bards
of Northern Cork.  One of the name served as a general in the
Irish Brigades of France.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms

Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1)  O’Keeffe family coats of arms are illustrated in the Irish Book
of Arms. Looks like a gryphon with a sword as the crest atop the
arms and a Lion rampant, with two hands shown as well….


Coming Up Later in this episode:
Volunteers needed for Irish oral history project.

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names

at finds the family name 41 times as (O) Keeffe
including the following examples :

1) O’Keeffe of Duhallow in The History of the Clanna Rory book
2)  J. and R. (O) Keeffe in Irish Families on the California Trail
3)  O’Keeffe History in the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
4)  (Also Owen O’Keeffe, Keeffe of Fermoy & Keeffes at Clontarf)
5)  O’Keeffee in King James Irish Army List book
6)  O’Keeffe of Desmond in the Families of Co. Cork, Ireland book
7)   Keeffe is also in the Families of County, Clare, Ireland book.

Websites of the Week:

1)   iPub app for iPhone, find an Irish pub anywhere worldwide
Boston to Bankok !

2)  New Irish Famine Memorial Providence Rhode Island 2007 photos to song, Fields of Athenry,

3)  Jenn Keefe ASL 1 Family Tree Project in sign

4) African – Irish Carribean Oral History
No Blacks, No Irish, need apply…. and more…

Curious News and Notes

1) Recording the history of the Irish who arrived in Britain
before 1960. 30 volunteers needed.
For more info on the Irish Oral History Archive:

2)  iPhone app for Ireland lovers. ‘MyIreland’ is it’s name !
Share photos, listen to National Anthem, mark your favorite place

3)  Largest salmon in almost 20 years in caught on River Nore
in Kilkenny and it was the last week of the fishing season:
32 pound Salmon caught near ‘Miinisters Hole’

4)  World Record for Armagh swimmers
Group sets new Guinness World Record for open-water swim at
Camlough Lake

5)  ‘The great silence, which might be construed as indifference,
has surrounded the Great Irish Famine. Over 160 years have
passed and now the silence being broken in Galway City.  Note
The Famine Memorial at the Celia Griffin Children’s Park at Grattan Beach.
Were the Irish Famine survivors shocked and shamed and so
silent ? Or so battered that the could not speak of it…. ?

6) Voles, shrews, mice and stoats in northern and western areas have different DNA from their counterparts in other parts of the British Isles.

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