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Today:: Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Famine & Song Video

Surviving Irish Families
It has been several generations now, since the
famine; starvation; disease; and those days when
all Ireland was part of England. It was reported
that no more earth remained to cover the bodies,
that many died in their cabins, that many crawled
to the graveyard alone as a last act of despair, with
bodies left uncovered….

Hidden Ethnic Memory
Some dinner tables still remember the Irish famine.
Some still want to go back and ‘make things right’.
The emotion grows less as new generations can
only echo what was felt at the time.  But how is it
we can remember it at all ?

The Song Says
‘Skiberreen’ (which is spelled so many ways in the
history books, just like Irish surnames), is a town
and a song, which tells us why we can’t forget.

Lazy Irish
It is because we labored hard, even though some
called us lazy, and we took pride in our land.
Then came the failure of the potato crop.  We lost
our land to landlords and sheriffs at the point of
a gun.  Left to wander our own land or beg food
in the poor house.  So the song says…….

Find a Grave
It is because our mothers and fathers died from
the miseries, of starvation and the disease that
followed.  Because we were called outlaws for
trying to survive any way possible. So says the song

It is because so few survived and prospered after
fleeing to new lands, giving up the days hope
of ever reclaiming our old country and life.  It is
for the children who died on board the ships, and
the few who survived…. so says the song

It is because the children remembered the songs
and stories of their fathers who said ‘never forget’
when the story was told. Then passing it onto their
children and grand children… So the song said.

And now, because our bellies are full for the
moment, we still cannot forget, but remember
how the American Indian sent funds to the
starving Irish.  An what of the starving nations
today that we help no more than the world did
when we were starving generations ago….
So the song should remind us of our families…

The song, to remind peasant and landlord alike:

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From the Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School

County Cork Genealogy Resources
If you have been following our Irish Families project,
you will know we have completed this 34 book set.
We have now written and published a genealogy
book for every county in Ireland.  Some counties
have 2 books in the series, like County Cork.

County Cork Books
(1) There are actually 3 volumes that contain a good
deal of information on Co. Cork, Ireland and her
families. The lead volume in the set contains
several hundred family histories for County Cork.
(The Book of Irish Families, great & small).

(2) That volume is followed by “The Families of
County Cork, Ireland
“, which is our hardbound
volume with much more information on specific
families in Cork, along with History of Co. Cork.

(3) Today we have news of our third volume for
research in County Cork.  This is our spiral
bound volume, with more details on Cork, not
found in the first two books above.  This volume
is for those who want to research ANY family
in County Cork.  It is titled “County Cork, Ireland
Genealogy and Family History Notes
It is not a gigantic collection of specific families.
It does contain information on many families,
but it gives information and understanding of
the entire county.  The arms of families are
given in black and white from original sources.
The Census of 1659 for Cork is included with
the location of clans as well as leading people.
New Color Map
We have now added a full color, detailed map
of County Cork to this volume.  This joins
several other counties which we have upgraded
in the last year.  This Cork book will ship around
the end of the month.
(See the details of contents on this page, the
old cover is still shown on this link.)

A Real Corker
There is no County quite like Cork.  What an
amazing mix of people, with a history of
sea peoples, Vikings and more into modern
times.  They have a distinctive accent and dance
and music, of course, what county doesn’t ?
I can’t even count the number of people who
think, or know, that they had three brothers
in their family tree who came from Cork.
Of course, they may have lived in another
county and just caught the boat in Cork,
but no matter, they consider themselves
a family from Cork, of course.
Another important note on Cork research.
Queenstown was a port in Cork that many
left from.  Today it is known as ‘Cobh’. So
be aware of those name changes.

Contents of ‘Co. Cork Genealogy and
Family History Notes
‘ as given above.

Part One
We have included a national and County
resource list with address etc.. and names
from Cork found in other resources, along
with a map denoting baronies.

Part Two
The complete existing returns from the
‘Census” of 1659, which shows the old
way of spelling many names, gives the
barony of location for Irish clans, and
specific names of leading individuals.
We also include a list of “Nobles” from
centuries past.

Part Three
Illustration and notes on families with
coats of arms connected to the county
in some way, from the Irish Book of Arms.

Part Four
Placename index of names in Cork.
Pedigree notes on the families of:
Connell; Haly; Macauliffe: MacCarthy:
O’Kelleher; O’Callaghan; O’Cotter: O’Hea;
O’Sullivan: O’Hurley: O’Keeffe: Barry:
Healy: O’Murphy; and MacSweeney.
We follow this with the list of surnames
as given on the Map of the 4 Masters
for County Cork, Ireland.

There is also a surname index to make
finding families easier.

So ends my note for today, and best
of luck to our Cork friends from the
Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School.

-Mike O’Laughlin

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