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Letters from an Irish Immigrant. ( First in a series)
Key words: Castle Gardens, OKeefe, Boston, Jersey City, Brooklyn, Counihan, Lusid, Callaghan, Gortroe, Walsh
(From a series of letters from Jeramiah Moynihan uncovered during a renovation of the Bricin in downtown Killarney. Supplied generously by Johnny Maguire to me in May 1993. I have added the likely punctuation on my own – Mike O’L.)

Boston, July 3, 1867.
My Dear Father, Mother & Brothers,
I hope you will excuse me for not writing home before now. I had so much tossing and turning about from poast to pillar. I was for five weeks in Jersey City at worke and I could stop there for a long time. I wrote to Boston to my uncles and aunt and they were most impatient until I came to Boston. I went to worke to Uncle Michael and I could not stand him or is wife. I came up to Timothy Callaghan and he gave me work cheerfully and gave me more wages than I was wort. I suppose you know him he is Mick Callaghans son, he takes large contracts and employs a lot of men to work. I have nothing at all to say to him , everyting is different in this country from home. Girls can do a great deal better than men. I left Mary after me in Brooklyn, that is in New York, she got a very good place and I am very glad she remeant their. Johanna got a place outside Boston called Briton, it is a country place. There are a great many of the friends their, it was one Mrs. Walsh that got Johanna the place out their, her own name is Mara, from the Rock Road.

You gave me to much to do entirely in sending three of us into a country with doubth (without) manes or money and every person was surprised how bare we were. Every person was very kind to us but Michael Mara that is my Uncle, but I deny him to be my Uncle. My Uncle Gerry was every kind to me and Aunt Hanna is very she don a great deal for Johanna she dressed her out in great stile she is on the look out for a good place for Johanna. Mary is very well she writes very often once a week to one another. I am very thankful to Timothy Moynihan he gave me some tools what I wanted. I am very thankful to Gerry Counihan he is very well and not forgetting Ned Counihan.

Let me know is their much doing any person having any sort of way at home, it would be better for them to stop at home, the old country is much better than this country. I hope ye will hold yere grip, if I could get any thing to do at wheelwrithing I would do a great deal better. I am at floor laying with John Lusid he is very well.
I would not advise any person to come to America I could make up as much as would take me home again if you like. Timothy Callaghan is going home 20th July. Tell Denis Keefe and his friends his health is not good. (CONT….)

Dear Mother you need (not) fret nor be troubled about us it is now used to us. I cried and fretted a great deal when I landed at the Castle Gardens when I knew no(w) one thier and I had no(w) place to go to. Dan and Michael Moynihan of Gortroe behaved very well to us- that is Michael the black smith. I am very sorry that I came to Boston but it cant be healpt. If Johanna was in a good place I would go to some other place. Every person had great blame to you for sending Mary but she is lucky enough. I had a great deal to do on board the ship- they were so sick and knowing no one they were sick all the time nearly, I was very sick for the first week and from that out I got strong thank God.
I suppose you have Eugene to work, Tim and Con are well hope Andrew will mind the work. My best respects to all the friends and well wishers. I would write long ago but for Mary writing so often she did not send that letter down to me she told me their was so much grief in it. You can direct to Mary and she will send it down to me. I remain your affectionate son … Jeramiah Moynihan.
We Might be able to send you a little money in a few months but we were so bare for clothes.

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Modern Day Families
‘The foregoing families may be found in Limerick and surrounding
areas today, and are given among the old Irish families of the
kingdom of Thomand.’……. In more modern times the following
families are given as being the most numerous in the area:
Ryan (91) O’Brien (78) Fitzgerald (58) Sullivan (50) Hayes (45)
(likely from O’Hea) Walsh (45) Collins (40) O’Connell (39)
Murphy (38) Moloney (38) O’Connor(37) Lynch(31)
McNamara (31) O’Donnell (28) Ahern (25)  Many more families
are given with their historical notes, but the list is too long to
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2) Co. Limerick Genealogy & Family History Notes. Spiral bound
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Part Three
Coats of Arms and Genealogical Notes.
Arms connected in some way to the county, as taken from the
Irish Book of Arms. The original listings provide specific
locations for families, and clues for future research. Old
illustrations of arms are included for the families of : Atkinson;
Barry of Sandville; Bernard; O’Brien of Cahirmoyle; Bury;
Cooper; Coote; Croker; Delmege; Dickson; Evans; Fane;
Fitzgerald; Goold-Verschoyle; O’Grady of Kilballyowen; Greene;
Guillamore; Holmes; Jocelyn; Kelly; Lloyd; Low; Lyons;
Lysaght; Massey; Maunsell; Morony; Pery; Pomeroy; Quin;
Rose; Ross-Lewin; Seymour; Southwell; Tracy; Tuthill; Waller;
and Westropp; all with County Limerick connections.
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b. 1866. Father Richard Fitzgerald, Mother Nora. (12)

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Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Barbara Widmer

Related Spellings of the Name
Rogers, MacRogers, Rogerson

Varient Spelling Groups:   #1286; 1366; 1806
From The Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Family Names

History of the Name
The 1890 birth index finds the family numerous in Antrim,
Down, Dublin and Roscommon. Rogers is also a fairly
numerous English name, which will account for some in
Ireland.  McRory  is an Irish name which has been changed to
Rogers or Rodgers.
In our Families of the Clanna Rory in Ireland, we find MacRory
and/or Rodgers given as chiefs of Dal-Buine, centered in Upper
Massarene and specific adjoining parishes.
The book ‘Irish Families on the California Trail’ also gives
Rogers and McGinnis among those early settlers in Bakerville
in the American west. Rogerstown, County Dublin, is also given
in the Irish Book of Arms.

copyright 2010, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms From the Irish Book of Arms
A Brief search in that work shows:

1)  MacRoury is listed among the Irish Septs in the Irish
Book of Arms.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
Cobh Heritage Center, County Cork.
Family Tree Maker for Mac OSX.
The Free Master online index at shows:
Listings for the name 24 times, here are a few examples:

1)   W. Rodgers in Co. Derry (Londonderry) genealogy & family…
2)   Rogers and Rodgers in ‘The History of the Clanna Rory’ families
3)   Rogers and Rodgers in ‘Names of Irish Passengers to America’.
4)   Rodgers in ‘1659 Irish census’; ‘Milesian Families of Ireland’;
5)   Mac Rogers in ‘Co. Tyrone, Ireland, genealogy & family history
6)   Rogers of Meath, in the Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters
7)   J. Rogers in Co. Limerick Ireland, genealogy & family history

You can use this free index to search for your family name:
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Around the World, in Irish Ways.
The Web Page and Video of the Month.

1)  Limerick, Anhid Graveyard, just outside the town of Croom.
Oldest headstone from 1723 for Fr. John Cantillon

2)   Rogers Family Singing a Gospel Concert in Newfoundland.
Anyone look familiar ?

3)   Rodgers Genealogy Queries

4) Ireland’s archive collections go online, including workhouses…
Starting as a descriptive site, but gauged to digitising entire collections.

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Curious News and Notes, From Ireland today

1)  Family Tree Maker for Mac OSX released in UK:
Includes 6 month subscription to Ancestry

2)  Cobh Heritage Center, Co. Cork: Cobh, the Queenstown Story.
Of course this is where the famous Annie Moore statue is found.

3)  Maughan steals violin while owner talks on cell phone.
London court hears the tale.
He tried to sell it for $162.  It was worth $2 million !

4)  Comparing Oklahoma and Ireland
Hat twip to:  NoreenBowden

5)   St. Patricks Day 2011 in New England.
Rock Shows; Traditional Shows; The Local Scene

6)   Irish Flax Growers List for 1796.

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