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News and Notes from
at the Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School

Irish Families Project Update:
The following books are part of our 34 book set on
Irish Family History by county, known as the Irish
Families Project. Compiled by Michael O’Laughlin,
it is the largest set of its kind in print.

County Books now with Color Map
These 12 books are now updated with detailed color cover
maps from the 1800’s.  They are all spiral bound for easy
lay flat research, include an index, illustrations, placenames,
coats of arms, the 1659 Irish census (if it is in existence),
and other research aids for the specific county given.

Find any Family
These books are intended to help research any family
in Ireland, but are not gigantic collections of Irish family
histories.  While some family history is given in each
book, it is not a big collection of histories.
Each volume is a guide book to records and resources
for helping find your family in Ireland, no matter what
the name may be.

Genealogy Books by Irish County, with detailed Color Map:

v28.Co. Wexford Genealogy  … (0940134-55-1)
v25.Co. Tipperary: Genealogy.. (0940134-543)
v23.Co. Roscommon: Genealogy….(0940134-519)
v31 Co. Limerick Genealogy…(0940134-83-7)
v33 Co. Galway Genealogy…(0940134-82-9)
v30 Co. Dublin Genealogy….(0940134-81-0)
v34 Co. Donegal Genealogy…(0940134-80-2)
v13.Co. Derry (Londonderry) Genealogy (0940134-67-5)
v12.Co. Cork Genealogy  ..(0940134888)
v32 Co. Clare Genealogy….(0940134-87-X)
v11.Co. Cavan & Co. Leitrim Genealogy:..(0940134-640)
v26.Co. Tyrone Genealogy  ..(0940134-79 9)

All titles are currently in print and may be obtained
direct from the Irish Roots Cafe (the publisher) at:

*Note: There is also a master index to all of these county
maps, to be found in the Master Book of Irish Placenames.

Thanks for your continuing support !
-The Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School

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Top 10 Sources In The Genealogy Tent
We are in the Genealogy Tent in Dublin, Ohio
this weekend.  (Aug. 5,6,7).  You will not find all
these sources and research aids anywhere else.
Here is what the Irish Roots Cafe will have for you:

A) Launch of Irish Hedge School CD/DVD set.

1) Irish Genealogy and Family History CD.
This includes my tips and experiences over
the last 30 years of Irish Family research.
No, it is not a gigantic compilation of records.
It is my advice on how to successfully find your
Irish ancestors !  (I’ll throw in our beginners
guide to Irish Family research to make the
set complete for the festival ! )
Signed copies available.

We will also be launching our other CDs
from the Irish Hedge School:

2) The Irish Song and Recitation CD launch
Old style ‘Sean Nos’ singing as well as the
well known tunes from Tin Pan Alley. The songs
are from myself and my friends, in all stages of
song development.  Come sing your song too.

We may want to record you for a song podcast!

3) Hello Fada CD Launch.
Special and fun notes on the Irish language for
beginners.  This is our hedge school year one
selection from our Hello Fada podcasts.  Learn
an Irish Song, say simple phrases, and grow
to understand a bit more about the language.
Renata Rua and I are your hosts.

4) Hedgerow History Lessons CD.
Here you can learn about some Irish History you
need to catch up on !  These are our year one
selections from the Hedgerow History podcast.
Peter Reilly Adams and I are your hosts.

5) Irish in America CD.
This years hedge school selection is the audio
book based on the “Missouri Irish” book.  It
goes from the earliest days of Missouri, starting
before statehood and running to modern times.
It is a companion to our ‘Missouri Irish’ book.
Molly is the narrator for this work and will be
on hand. Signed copies available.

6) Irish Video Shorts DVD.
Our complete first year of videos, introducing
the Irish Roots Cafe, along with special notes
on Irish coats of arms and different genealogy
topics. The first time to all appear on one DVD !

B) Irish Genealogy Books / Irish Families Project
We’ll bring our 34 book Irish county genealogy set.
It’s the largest collection in print, with a book
for every county in Ireland.  At least one copy of
of each county is available.  These are available
from no one else, and only found at the Dublin, OH
If you want one of my other Irish History or
Genealogy books, just email me and I’ll bring it
to the genealogy tent at the festival !

C) Record and Broadcast at the Festival.
Record your family search, and we’ll broadcast
it worldwide on our next podcasts.  A free service
only at the Dublin Irish Festival.  Just let me know
and I’ll turn on the recorder at the genealogy tent !

D) Free Irish DNA group

Find out about joining our free Irish DNA group with
FamilyTreeDNA.  We’ll also give you a free DNA swab
‘stick’ while supply lasts, just to show how easy it is.

All in all, this is a great chance to get your Irish
family history in order and your search in gear.
Stop by the genealogy tent at the Dublin, Ohio
Irish Festival and say hello.  This is the only festival
we have attended for the last 12 years, so you’ll find
it no where else. Great festival – It is be worth the trip.

…….So end the notes from the Irish Roots Cafe today.
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