Irish Language Song
Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Seachtaine na Gaeilge from Kansas City
Its that time of year again, Irish Language week,
which runs from March 1 – 17 these days I believe.

View Irish Language Songs on YouTube, click below
My song videos in the Irish includes those named below.
The National Anthem, Were you at the Rock aka an raibh tu ar angCarraig,
Bean Phaidin, Coonla, Lament of the 3 Marys, Roisin Dubh, Sadhbh Ni Bhruenuallagh,
The Accursed Kerryman, The Apple, Slan agus Beannacht,
Oro Se do bhaithe bhaile, Si do mhaimeo i

The song videos above are taken from my three albums
(found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and CDBaby shown below)
CDBaby song album 1 Irish Song. trad & sean nos.

CDBaby album 2 Irish Old style.

CDBaby album 3 Ireland by Land and Sea.

Local Celebrations
This year our appearances with songs in Irish
included a March 1 webcast on concert window,
Irish Dinner in Gladstone MO, Irish Dinner in
Louisburg KS, and a special Gaelic Mass in
Kansas City. Several appearances were on the
official Seachtaine na Gaeilge calendar.

The Seachtaine na gaeilge folks support
the use of Irish in any way possible,
no matter how much or how little you may
be able to speak. This is what it takes
to involve everyone in the movement.

About Mike OLaughlin
Mike is a one of a kind resource. Since 1978, he has authored
12 hardbound books, 34 Irish genealogy county books,
40 CD’s/videos, 300 podcasts, 7 broadcast series’, and 1,000
articles. OLaughlin also publishes rare works by 10 authors,
including ‘The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’ and
‘The Irish Book of Arms’ (60 works in all). His web pages
have tallied over 100 million visitors.

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Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Irish Sean Nós & traditional singer
Mike O’Laughlin reached the national stage in Dublin, Ohio at the largest three day Irish fest on the planet, in 2014. Vocalist with the Irish Roots Cafe house band, he performed in the first all Irish language song stage show in the midwest in 2012, and ranked #1 in the U.S. as a celtic artist on Reverbnation (for nine months). He has the honor of singing Sean Nós (old style) at the annual Gaelic Mass in Kansas City, and currently broadcasts live, streaming song shows on the web. His first album made the top ten list on Tradconnect for 2013, (the largest online collection of Trad Irish musicians in the world).

Worldwide Notice
His songs are found on YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, and iTunes today. Early influences include Joe Heaney of Galway, Cathy Jordon of Dervish, and Niamh Parsons from whom he has taken instruction. He founded the ‘Sean Nós gathering’ in Kansas City (2014), with five free events at four locations in the region, along with the band.

Irish Old Style now launching
This second album, the first that the artist has had mastered, contains selections in Irish and English. The Kansas City singer had the mastering done in Dublin, Ireland making the deadline for December of 2014 advance release. His song origins go back as far as the 17th century.

Available now
On You Tube:
Spotify: Mike O’Laughlin – Irish Old Style At the Irish Roots Cafe

The playlist for the Irish Old Style album is below:

The Rambling Kerryman,
An Droimeann Donn Dilis,
Sadhbh Ni Bhruineallaigh (Gaeilge),
Keening of the 3 Marys (Gaeilge),
Cunla (macaronic Irish, English),
An Raibh tu ar an gCarraig (Gaeilge),
Bean Phaidin (Gaeilge),
The Accursed Kerryman (Gaeilge),
Roisin Dubh (Gaeilge),

Physical CDs are also available
directly from the artist for $12.00 + $4 shipping.
Send to
Irish Roots Cafe
Mike OLaughlin
Box 7575
Kansas City, MO 64116

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