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Mike O’Laughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Several Folks Surprised
It’s time I reminded you all of some of our
Facebook connections. There are 4 pages each
with a different purpose, from our house band
to fans of songs in Irish (Gaelic), to Archaeology
and Genealogy.
Our 4 pages with a brief one or two line summary:
(You’re welcome to any or all.)

1) The Irish Roots Cafe & House Band
To follow the band, or book a show on stage
or in your living room! Songs in Irish and English.

2) Mike O’Laughlin (Mick the Bridge) page:
This is mostly my personal page, with a little of everything.

3) Old Style Irish Song page:
For Old style Irish song in Irish or English, with your input welcome
song, dance, or the Irish gatherings we promote.

Irish Roots Hedge School:
History, Genealogy, and curious notes from all parts!
Includes notes on my publications, current discoveries, etc..

It’s been awhile since I made note of these pages,
and I’ve been told to let you all know of them !
So, there is one thing crossed of my list for today.

All the best,
Mike O’Laughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe

Coming to you today from our home base
in Kansas City, Missouri. See our upcoming
show in Kansas City on June 13, 14 at the
Highland Games in Riverside. See us for the
15th year at the Dublin, Ohio Irish festival.
Its the biggest 3 day Irish fest in the world!

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www.Irishroots.com Genealogy Videos
Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

The Link Below takes you to the videos

Irish Genealogy Videos
Mike OLaughlin (mickthebridge on YouTube),
has now posted 24 Irish Genealogy videos
online. The videos cover Basic steps in
Genealogy, DNA demonstration, Coats of Arms,
Books, Research in Ireland and more.

The Oldest Video
The first video series ever recorded at the Irish
Roots Cafe (1984), has just been added as
a six part series. Although the computer has
added resources since then, the basic research
techniques remain constant…

Irish Coats of Arms, Kilts
Mike also covers some little thought of facts
about Irish Coats of Arms, the use of kilts,
and the proper spelling of Irish names in his
genealogy series.

The Link Below takes you to these videos

Irish Books
The series also includes videos on the books
the author has written or published, some 60
titles in all. OLaughlin is actually the worlds
most published author in the field, including CDs,
DVDs, digital books, audio books, blogs and
newsletters over the last 37 years.

Irish Family Names Project
There is no larger collection of its kind in print.
Mikes 34 book set on Irish Families contains over
100,000 surnames and 1,000 illustrations. There is
a book for every county in Ireland. The lead title
is, The Complete Book of Irish Families, great and
small. That volume contains more information on families,
plus the massive index to the entire series The
collection is now known as the Irish Families Project
taking some 20 years to complete.
The 34 book series is featured in two of the videos,
letting readers see the entire collection.

Local Histories Included
You can also find 20 videos on Irish in Kansas City
from the early days to modern times, a video on
the Irish in St. Louis, and three more on Irish
in Savannah. Historians, Dancers, Musicians, and
everyday Irish are interviewed in the above.

The Irish Video Collection
This genealogy collection is part of over 100 Irish
videos produced by the Irish Roots Cafe, including
traditional Irish song videos, in Irish and English.
The collection continues to grow each year from the
folks at www.Irishroots.com

Videos Created solely by the Irish Roots Cafe.
Presentations and Performances available.

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