About The Irish Roots Cafe

This message comes to you from the Irish Roots Cafe, home of the Irish Genealogical Foundation on the web. We are a membership organization that publishes books newsletters and podcasts, since 1978.  Our main interest here at the cafe is in Irish Family History and Culture.  This blog includes shownotes from our three podcast series, including:

1: Irish Families worldwide. (The first of its kind)

2: History of the Irish in America.

3: Irish Song and Recitation Festival.

The Irish Roots Cafe has a number of firsts to its credit, including the first broadcast series on Irish Family History; the first book on the Irish in Missouri;  and the first 34 book set on Irish families, covering every county in Ireland !  It is the largest collection of its kind.

Sweaney will greet you at the door and Molly has another pot of Irish coffee on.

Come have a seat with Mike in the corner booth.

You are welcome to join us anytime at the Irish Roots Cafe !

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