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Todays Chat and Sing:


Mondays Chat
Peter has just finished up with Endearing Young Charms
and joins us again….

An Irish Song of Endearment
Todays sing and chat is for Macushla. An Irish
song of endearment and love, that appeared in
the Michael Collins movie. Peter sings the song
for us, solo.

Michael Collins, the movie
Peter Talks notes the different songs of Ireland,
not just the Irish war, drinking and fight songs.
There are beautiful songs. He was watching the movie
“Michael Collins”……who was sitting at the table
when it was announced that the truce was called
and the war was to be over, in that scene Frank
Patterson was singing Macushla. It is a song of
endearment and of love. The words of the song
fit in with that whole theme.

McCormick, Patterson and Adams
John McCormick also sang that song back in
the days of real records….John is noted for saying he
could definitely reach the b flat in this song. Peter
notes that some folks sing falsetto to sing the song,
but he does not recommend that.
Peter recalls Frank Pattersons last concert in Kansas
City before his passing.
Peter interprets ” MaCushla” in a solo
performance for us !
(You’ll have to listen in for that – go to our web page
at click on Free podcasts, Irish Song #11 )

The Ageless Lyrics:

Lyrics by Josephine V. Rowe
Music by Dermot MacMorrough

Macushla! Macushla!
Your sweet voice is calling,
Calling me softly,
Again and again,
Macushla! Macushla!
I hear it in vain.

Macushla, Macushla,
Your white arms are reaching,
I feel them unfolding,
Caressing me still.
Fling them out from the darkness,
My lost love, Macushla,
Let them find me and bind me
Again, if they will.

Macushla! Macushla!
Your red lips are saying
That death is a dream,
And love is for aye,
Then awaken, Macushla,
Awake from your dreaming,
My blue eyed Macushla,
Awaken to stay.

Irish Language Note
From the Irish language “mo chro” = my heart,
and “mo chuisle” = my pulse; ‘a chuisle mo chro”,
pulse or beat of my heart, my heart-throb, heart beat, etc..)

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10) The Irish National Anthem in English and Irish.

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both sides of the ocean for his singing and
storytelling. He is also a noted chef, teacher
and radio show host, among many other endeavors.

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