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Sean Nos gathering in the Mid-West

Gathering in 2014
We’re planning an old style, Irish sean nos
gathering in the Kansas City area. It will be
simple and geared towards introducing folks
to sean nos (old style) Irish song and dance.
The world is invited, but you’ll have to pay
your own way here…

For What
For watching, and learning if you so desire.
Sean Nos singers of at least one song in
the Irish language are desired. Solo old style
dancing is included, on an elementary level.

For whom the song tolls
The focus is on beginners, and all are welcome.
Come watch or come help. For those who have some
sean nos, come meet with others of your rare kind…

In the vicinity of Kansas City, Missouri. We’ll focus
on small intimate settings as possible.

For You
Do we have any volunteers, supporters, sponsors for the
initial committee? (you won’t have to sing or dance.)

Respond now if you have an interest in sean nos…

Mike OLaughlin

P.S. The Irish Roots Cafe and house band is on board.
Our next meeting and Irish Singers session is on
February 1, 2014 at the Celtic Ranch in Weston,
Missouri. Singers invited. Ask for Mike O’Laughlin.

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