The Irish Families DNA project
with Mike O’Laughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Call for DNA Testing OLaughlin OLoughlin Laughlin Loughlin
My DNA project is open to all Irish Families
and we have over 730 tested to date.
(familytreedna is the testing company)

This is a special call out to all O’Loughlin families,
no matter how you spell the name, (with or without
the ‘O’ before the name.).

As an O’Laughlin and O’Loughlin descendent, my
test results will be coming back shortly, and it is
the perfect time to compare notes with other family
members. We should be able to sort things out…

In the video below I swab my cheek to show how it’s done

Here is my DNA web page, to learn more about the project

Here is the ‘Irish Families’ project page at Familytreedna to order a test kit

Thank You to all my cousins,
Mike O’Laughlin
Descendant of the O’Laughlins and OLoughlins
of County Clare, Ireland, Iowa and Missouri in the U.S.

P.S. Be sure to join the ‘Irish Families’ project
at Familytreedna when you order your test kit.
‘Y DNA’ test with 36 markers recommended.

(one branch of my O’Laughlins hailed from Kilfenora, Co. Clare.
In the U.S. we have branches of two OL families, one in Henry and
one Des Moines Counties, Iowa. My branch moved on to Cameron,
Missouri and K.C., MO. with branches settled in California, Wyoming, etc.)

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