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with Mike O’Laughlin

County Mayo Research
Just arrived today, is the new edition of
Co. Mayo, Ireland, genealogy and family history notes.
This is the 20th volume of the Irish Families Project.
A large color map of County Mayo from the 1800’s is
now found on the front cover, for the first time.
It also contains notes and family history from
our library here, including coats of arms with
genealogical notes, and names from the Books of
Survey and Distribution

Irish Pedigrees
We also include some notes on Mayo families from
Irish Pedigrees and the Landed Gentry by O’Hart.
Moore of Ballina, Jordan, Kane, Gibbons, Bourke,
O’Malley, O’Neill, O’Donel, MacHale, MacDonnell
and Crean are included. We also included the index
to the Map of the Four Masters for Co. Mayo families.

A few old sketches appear here, such as Grace O’Malley,
Cong Cross and Abbey, Mountain Dance, and Carrig a Hooley

This book is intended as an introduction to genealogy
and resources in Mayo, and works well with the Master
volume to the set, which includes family history from
every county in Ireland (The Book of Irish Families).

About the author
The ‘worlds most published author’ in Irish Roots and clan
history, since 1978 he has authored: 60 books,
40 CD’s and Videos, 300 podcasts, and over 1,000 articles.
Having written books on every county in Ireland, he also
publishes rare works in both Irish and English, including
‘The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’ and the
‘Irish Book of Arms’. His works can be found at

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