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Here is a best of ‘blog’ that I am running today. Several folks got stirred up by the podcast interview associated with this entry. The question was, ‘do big databases actually take the heart out of genealogy, lessen the experience for many…’ (p.s. I am also testing my blog feed, for illegal characters…)

Irish Roots Cafe Podcast Notes. Your host is Mike O’Laughlin for Week 15 at the cafe. (January 30, 2007)

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Miss McClouds Reel, (‘Mrs.’ McClouds Reel by some accounts), is the tune for the day. We’ll have coffee with Emily Heinlen who gives us her own version of Murphys Law: Digitized genealogy databases hurt tourism in Ireland. Emily has produced a well thought out treatise found at ‘’ – which is a peer reviewed journal on the internet.

It makes sense that an actual research visit to Ireland can form a lifetime bond – and a computer print out will only give you a cold hard fact. The theory is that the gigantic databases released on the web by in 1998, the LDS in 1999, and to a lesser extent Ellis Island in 2000, have served to lessen the ties to Ireland, and the trips to Ireland by researchers. There are some solutions however……

Emily has the Irish lines of Matthews, Selfridge, and Mahaffy for starters.
We also note members searching for Lee, Muldoon, Brady, and Graney. The Hispanic connection is also noted in Cuba and the Barbados. For those interested some Barbados resources include
1) “Barbadoes Records, Baptism Records 1637-1800,” by Sanders, 1984.
2) “Tracing Your Ancestors in Barbados” by Geraldine Lane.
3) Barbados genealogy forums and blogs.

Cuban Resources gives us some Cuban family resources, including the book entitled:”Historia de Familias Cubanas” Vols 1-9 (Histories of Cuban Families) by Francisco Xavier de Santa Cruz y Mallen. A quick look and we see the following ‘O’ names in the index..
O’Brien O’Farrill O’Gaban O’Naghten O’Reilly

Name of the Week
Possible related Spellings, Granny, Graney, Grainey
Sources from the Master Index..
1) Families of County Kerry, Ireland.
2) Supplement to Irish Families.
3) History of County Kerry by Jeremiah King.
4) Irish Names and Surnames by Woulfe.
5) Irish Families on the California Trail by OLaughlin.

In the Irish Families on the California Trail book, one Capt. Michael Greaney is given on Brannan Street in San Francisco, Capt. Greany is also given in that work as a member of the California militia by 1878. (Brannan was a noted early settler in San Francisco after whom we think the street was named.)

There is a Graney or Granny in Ulster, but Greany is found fairly often in Kerry. You can find a Mac before the name at times, as well as an O. 36 families of the name are listed in County Kerry in the works of Jeremiah King, They are most often assumed to stem from MacGreaney, and those in the north of Ireland from O’Graney.
I also show member J. McDevitt was researching Marcus Greaney and Thomas Greaney of Carragh, Caherlistrane in Co. Galway.

Book and Media Review.
“MILES APART – As I Remember my Irish childhood…from There to here – a memoir” by Agnes B. Cagney who was born in Co. Leitrim, one of 11 children, spent her adult life in the U.S. and looks back to Ireland and a way of life that is disappearing. Retail price from the publisher is $12.95, 163 pages. (This is not a book from the IGF or the Irish Roots Cafe. We mention books here as a service to readers and authors.)

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