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The Book of Irish Families, great and small
by Mike O’Laughlin. (2013)

New 4th edition on the shelves !
Since the 4th edition of Irish Families, great & small
is out now, I thought it best to do a new video review.
(The 3rd edition review is still valid, this is about
the additions in this 4th edition edition !)
Below is link to video, and I’ll try embedding it too…

4th edition, Master volume to the Irish Families Project

The Book of Irish Families, great and small
√ This Master Book to the Irish Families Project includes
√ Includes complete 34 book surname index to the set.
√ Return to Irish Roots DVD included FREE.
√ 2,000 Irish Family Name histories as available
√ 18,000 family name location index by Irish County.
√ Names/County as found in the map of the 4 Masters, by county.
√ 400 full size pages, Coats of Arms, Maps, All Ireland and N. Ireland
√ Key to Poor Law Unions and 19th century locations.
√ includes settlers from Scotland, England, Vikings etc..
√ Note that general histories of family names are included,
with some specifics, but there is no guarantee of your
immediate family being mentioned !
√ Much material is included to help find what county your
family name likely originated in.

√ Get it direct from my web page here:
also available on Amazon.
or see my video book review below (if it loads):

Thanks for reading and watching !

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