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The Irish Book of Arms extracts

by Michael C. O’Laughlin
The Irish Book of Arms:

What I show below, taken from the Irish Book of Arms,
is a list of Irish names issued in the 17th century.
They are given as armigerous by James Terry, the Athlone
herald around 1691. (The significance of that date is
etched upon the annals of Irish history.)

Granted Arms in Exile
At this time the Irish of note had been driven into
exile in Europe. Many Irish chiefs would first
receive arms there as a result of that exile. Those
familiar with research, will understand that the
spelling of names can easily change over time. So,
you will see the old forms of spelling here.

Irish Heraldry
I will not enter the debate over individual and
sept rights to bear Irish arms here. That would
be for another day. More information for those
interested in Irish heraldry can be found in
‘The Irish Book of Arms’, which I put together
some years ago. (note that much of ‘Irish’
heraldry has little to do with the native Irish
people.) This would be an exception.

The noble list is as follows:

Mac Adire siue Stapleton
Mac Ailin
Mac ann
Mac arty
Mac Auley
Mac Auliffe
O Beallan
O Bernes
O Boill
O Boughaula
O Boughelly
O Brady
O Brenan
O Brien
Mac Brien Carigoginel
Mac Brin na comora
O Brin siue Brrinn
O Brine Arra
O Brine Carlaugh
Mac Brine fin In Linster
Mac Brine fin in Linster
Mac Brine OKuonagh
O Brisane
Mac Brouder
O Bruin
O Bruodin
Mac Cabe
Mac Caffry
O Cahan
O Caishin
O Calaghan
O Callenane
O Callins siue OCalane
O Carroll
Mac Cartan
O Cassey
O Castuly
Mac Cauhil. Irights
O Cavanagh
Cinsiolagh, Kensillagh
O Clancy
O Cleirig
Mac Closky
Mac Coghlan
O Coglan
Mac Colgan
O Conaly
O Conceanain
Ma Condon
O Connell
O Conor
O Conor Don
O Conor Failge
O Conor Kerry
O Conor Roe
O Conor Sligo
O Conor, Cocomroe
O Conry
O Considin
O Considin
O Cormacan
O Cormcane
O Corvin
O Coultan
O Cowhy
O Crean
O Cregan
O Cregan
O Crehall
O Crelly
O Crowly
Mac Cruhin siue Kruhin
O Culin
O Cullen
O Cullenan
O Cullinan
O Cullinan
O Cussin
Mac Dabhy, Bourk
O Daly
O Dea
O Delany
O Dempsey
O Deneen
O Deorane
Mac Dermot
Mac Devett
O Dine siue Dunne
O Diry, supr. T.
O Dogherty
Mac Donel
O Donel
O Donel, Ramaltan
O Donnauane
Mac Donnells galoglach
O Donnolan
O Donogane
O Donoghoue
Mac Donough
Mac Donough
O Doude
O Dougan
O Dougan
O Doulee
O Draughie siue Dorsy
O Driscol
O Duffy
Mac Dugoile
O Duigenen
O Duilcuth
O Duin
O Dulin
O Duuin, T.
O Dwyer
Mac Egane
Mac Elligot
Mac Ennery
O Enos
Mac Erige
Mac Euellin Euellin
O Fallan
O Falvey
O Farrall
O Feiniela
O Feolane
O Ferenan
O Finaghty
Mac Finin Carty
O Flaherty
O Flanagain
Mac Flanncha
O Flinn
O Floinn Arda
O Fogarty
O Foin
O Forehanen
O Freel, Termanagh
Mac Gabfraigh
O Galchor
O Galvan
O Gara
O Garuen
O Gawan
Mac Gees
Mac Gennis Kiluvarlin
Mac Geohegaine
Mac Giarre
Mac Gill
Mac Gillycuddy
O Gilriagh
Mac Giolla finen
O Goran
Mac Gork, Termanagh
O Gorman
O Gormely
O Grady
Mac Gragh
Mac Granell
O Gripha
Mac Groddy
Mac Guillegan
Mac Guillifoyle
Mac Gula Padrige
O Hagan
O Hainin
O Halpin
O Haly
O Hanlon
O Hannan
O Hara
O Hart
O Haughiern
O Haullaran
O Hederiman
O Hefernan
O Hegerty
O Heher
O Henraughty
Mac Henri
O Hernan
O Higgin
O Hine
O Hogan
O Hogerta
O Horain
O Houragne
Mac Hubert, Bourk
Mac Hugh
O Huologhan
O Hurly
O Hyre
Mac Iames
Mac Kallin
Mac Kanna
Mac Keagha
O Kearna
O Kearna of Kilmalok
O Keefe
O Kelly
O Kenelly
O Kennedy
Mac Keou
Mac Kineriny
O Krihone
Mac Lauglin
O Laurey
O Lawlor
O Leary
O Line
O Linin
O Loclain Bornie
O Loinsig
O Lonogher
O Lounders
Mac Machon
O Madden
O Maher
Mac Mahon
Mac Mahon
O Mahoney
O Malaghlin
O Mallan. T.
O Mally
O Maloy
O Malry
O Malune
Mac Manus
Mac Maoilre, Bourk
O Meara
O Mehegan
O Melaghlen siueMlachleinn
O Meoilbraenoin
Mac Mile
O Mogair
O Mora
O Moran
Mac Morchoe Coleknock
O Moriarty
Mac Morisch
O Morris
O Moylan
Mac Moylin
O Mullane
O Mullony
O Mulrian
O Mulroney siue Mealroney
O Multulle
O Mungan, T.
Mac Murcha
O Nahan, supr.T.
Mac Namara
Mac Namiee OFlorgon
O Naughten
O Neill
O Nelan
Mac Nielus
O Nuolan
Mac Oda
O Onnelly. T.
Mac Padin, Bourk
Mac Philibin, Bourk
Mac Quard.
O Quin
Mac Quylin
Mac Quylin
O Regan
Mac Remon, Bourk
O Rerdane
O Reyley
Mac Richard, Bourk
O Ronan
O Rourke
Mac Rourry
O Scanlan
O Schanla
O Seagnasey
O Sehighane
Mac Seonin, Bourk
O Sesnan
Mac Shane
O Shanlys
O Shea
O Shiels
Mac Sihy
O Sinan
O Sinnagh sine Fox
O Spilan
O Suillivan Bear
O Suilluan More
O Sunigan
Mac Surdaine
O Suridin sine Sheridan
Mac Swiny Duag
Mac Swiny Fanid
Mac Swyny, Baduine
Mac Tibot siue Thibbot Bourk
Mac Tigernan
O Toma
O Tuahoil
O Tuohill
O Tyernan
O Uilcuth
Mac Vadagh
Mac Vater, Bourk
Mac Vghak, Bourk
Mac Ward

-end of extract from the Irish Book of Arms-

About the Author
Mike O’Laughlin is the leading authority in the field of Irish Family History.
(Author of 50+ books; 20 CD’s, DVD’s & Videos: 700 articles; 2 newsletters;
300 podcasts; Publisher of rare works in Irish and English; and singer in the
Irish language,’Sean Nós’ style. )

Mikes online Irish hedge school has six fields of study including: Genealogy;
History; Irish-America; Language; Traditional Song; and video shorts.

Among his historic firsts are:
1) First Irish Genealogy broadcast on the internet.(
2) First 34 book set, by county, on Irish Families & genealogy (author)
3) First republication of Connellans ‘Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’.
4) First book on the Irish in Missouri (author)
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Mike also led tours to Ireland, has an Irish research library of 3,000 volumes,
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About Mike

Mike is the worlds most published author in his field, with over 40 books, 700 articles, two newsletters, a blog, 200 podcasts and 170 videos. He also publishes rare books like "The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters" and Keatings "History of Ireland". Mike also sings in the Irish (Gaeilge) Language, with 3 albums to his credit. Mike descends from the O’Loughlins of Kilfenora, County Clare, and the O’Donahues of Glenflesk, County Kerry and also bears Sullivan, Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. He has led tours to Ireland and maintains a 3,000 volume Irish library.
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