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Now Available For the First Time
The complete index to the 34 book set, known as
the Irish Families Project, is now included in
the ‘Book of Irish Families, great and small’.
The index covers volumes for every county in
Ireland and it ties names to specific counties
in Ireland. This is particularly helpful when
researching rare, hard to find surnames.

Irish Birth Index
Included in the same book are the surnames
in the Irish Birth index, keyed to counties
and at times to Poor Law Unions in Ireland

The 1659 ‘Census’
Also included are the surnames from the
1659 census, keyed to county of location.

Now Back in Print, with complete index
After several years, this Book of Irish Families,
Great and Small
, is back in print, shipping
today from the author. In addition to the indexes are
maps, illustrations and genealogy notes, along with
some 2000 bold faced family name histories and
hundreds of documented coats of arms.

Available directly from the author today,
with detailed description here:

This book is also being stocked by

About the Author
Mike O’Laughlin is the worlds leading authority in the field.
(Author of 50 books; 20 CD’s & videos: 700 articles; 2 newsletters;
300 broadcasts; Publisher of rare works in Irish and English; and singer
in the Irish language,’ Sean Nós’ style!)
His online hedge school has 6 fields of study: Genealogy; History;
Irish-America; Language; Traditional Song; and video shorts.

Among his historic firsts are:
1) First Irish Genealogy broadcast on the internet.
2) First 34 book set, by county, on Irish Families & genealogy (author)
3) First republication of Connellans ‘Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters’.
4) First book on the Irish in Missouri (author)
5) The first all Irish language song shows (IRC house band)

Mike also led tours to Ireland, has an Irish library of 3,000 volumes,
and publishes the work of 10 different authors.
He can be reached at All of his works can be found at
His first album “Irish Song: traditional and Sean Nós” is at:

About Mike

Mike is the worlds most published author in his field, with over 40 books, 700 articles, two newsletters, a blog, 200 podcasts and 170 videos. He also publishes rare books like "The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters" and Keatings "History of Ireland". Mike also sings in the Irish (Gaeilge) Language, with 3 albums to his credit. Mike descends from the O’Loughlins of Kilfenora, County Clare, and the O’Donahues of Glenflesk, County Kerry and also bears Sullivan, Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. He has led tours to Ireland and maintains a 3,000 volume Irish library.
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